4 questions to ask when you don’t know where to put something

Have you ever said to yourself, “I don’t know where to put this!”?

Maybe you’re in the middle of decluttering, sorting through a pile of stuff, and you get stuck because you don’t know where it should go.

If you’re unsure, it’s practically impossible to proceed and this is why many people just shuffle their stuff from one place to another without actually making any progress.

We don’t want that!

Watch the video below where I show you how to decide where to put things.

Find out the 4 simple questions to ask yourself that can change your perspective on where your stuff goes in your home.

This video will also give you tips for making difficult decluttering decisions as well as deciding what’s really valuable when it comes to your time and space.

You can’t afford NOT to watch it 😉

Did you find a home for something a bit easier after watching this video? Let us know!

how to decide where to put stuff in your home

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The Organize Like a Boss Challenge!

OLAB challenge

Organize 5 cluttered “Hotspots” in your home in just 7 days! You can use your new skills to better organize the items you’ve decided to keep and put away.

We run this live challenge a few times a year, so if you’ve missed the most recent one:  GET ON THE WAITLIST HERE.


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5 thoughts on “4 questions to ask when you don’t know where to put something”

    • On undeciding items:
      I think what is it- broad since
      Female item
      And park in this area to locate later
      However, some items are baffling so I pick a room that it may be needed example a handbrace , ankle brace (not in first aid) but in very top shelf of linen closet when needed for later needed use

  1. Only got through first two questions. They were good but I like short presentations and yours was dragging at second question. I will use the 2 questions though.


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