The Weekly Review. How this busy mom gets things done.

Do you ever find yourself over-scheduled and unprepared for the week ahead? Learn how to plan your week and simplify your life to stay on top of household tasks and family commitments. Collect shopping lists, to do lists, your calendar, and a planner, and get each day of the entire week mapped out at once.

Do you ever feel like you just can’t get a handle on all the things going on during the week?

Maybe you’ve got a bunch of appointments or a to-do list that just never ends. Maybe you keep meaning to get to a particular project but by the time the weekend rolls around, you’re completely booked up with other commitments.

You need to set aside time for a weekly review.

My weekly review is a block of time once a week where I go over commitments and plans for the upcoming week. It’s a time to step back and take a more proactive look at the week instead of just responding to needs and commitments as they occur.

Over time, my weekly review has evolved to include the following things:

  • Calendar (what appointments and commitments are coming up? Soccer practice? Church committments?) I compare and update my wall calendar with my Google calendar. The Google calendar syncs with my phone.
  • Decide when I can go grocery shopping
  • Review homeschool lesson plans
  • Re-write my running to-do list. See if there’s anything I can quickly check off.
  • Pay any bills that are due. Do I have time to update our bank accounts?
  • Glance at my monthly and yearly goal lists. See if there’s something that needs to be scheduled in to the week.
  • Check to see if any library books are coming due
  • Do I need to place any online orders? (I try to order as much online as possible.)
  • Make a note of anything to discuss with my husband or kids
  • Jot down a quick menu for the week
  • File any paperwork and clean out my planner

This list is deceptively long, but if time is short, I can do all this in 15 minutes. On a leisurely day, it can stretch to an hour.

How to implement your own weekly review

Pick a time.

It’s helpful if you’re not trying to think and plan in the midst of chaos. I usually do my review during quiet time on a Thursday or Friday so I can think ahead to the next week.

The Weekly Review. How this busy mom gets things done.

Gather your materials

What will you need? Probably most of these things:

  • Calendar
  • Computer / tablet
  • Paper and pen
  • Paper planner if you use one
  • Any lists in progress (here are 19 different lists I keep on an on-going basis)
  • Other notebooks you are keeping (I have one for finances and one for homeschooling)
  • Coffee (NOT optional!)

Make a list of what you want to cover.

Your list will definitely be different than mine! Then work through your list quickly – this isn’t the time for long-term planning or brainstorming. The purpose of this time is to go over your notes and commitments and see where you’re going to spend your time this week.

Your weekly review may bring up some difficult questions.

If your to-do list is just too long, you’ll have to decide whether to defer some tasks or maybe take them off the list altogether. Maybe you’ll encounter some scheduling conflicts which require you to be in 3 places at once. Maybe you’ll discover you have to go shopping sooner rather than later because there’s just no time towards the end of the week. These things may be frustrating, but it’s so much nicer to notice them ahead of time rather than when it’s too late to do anything about it.

The weekly review is a simple tool that, used regularly, will help you develop a routine and a rhythm for life.

I promise you, this productivity hack is just as useful to boardroom executives as it is to moms sitting at their kitchen tables. Why not give it a try?

Do you conduct a weekly review? Tell us about it in the comments.

P.S. If you’re into books on productivity, check out Getting Things Done by David Allen. He talks about the weekly review along with a lot of other productivity techniques. Lots of his tips are useful for the home as well as the office. I link up at these fun parties.

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