For people who’ve got a lot of “I can use that” clutter

Do you have a stash of stuff that you just know is useful and you haven’t found the right use?

Or maybe you have a project in mind and you just haven’t gotten around to it yet?

And so the “stuff” sits there, in a closet or a cupboard, taunting you and reminding you of yet another thing you haven’t done.


That’s no fun and those thoughts aren’t serving you.

In this video, I explain why this is a problem for so many people and what you can do about it.


One commenter on the video said,

When we moved from a 6 BR home to 3BR townhouse we brought along a second hand chair.

I wanted to do a DIY and paint and reupholster the seat. I took it apart, bought material and foam for the seat about 15 years ago.

I threw that disassembled chair out in the trash 2 weeks ago!!

Don’t hang on to a hobby you aren’t passionate about anymore or the person you once were. Make room for the present and future you and your life.

I love her story and her advice!

Do you have a lot of those “I can use that” type things lying around?

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12 thoughts on “For people who’ve got a lot of “I can use that” clutter”

  1. I love this video! It took me a while to realize I just wasn’t going to do something with the carp I was saving. Ugh. You are wonderful

      • Thank you for your Sugjestions. When I saw that photo of Boxes stacked to the ceiling I just had to read this as it reminds me of the Garage that is more than Stuffed, Not Kidding. I don’t know how everyone in this household overlooked it by just closing the door and if we have something there is no room for “PUT IT IN THE GARAGE, ” About two weeks ago we finally went on a Mission. As much as I dreaded this My Grandson Comes over the day before trash day and Uses Construction bags and Boxes and puts as much of it as he can on the tree lawn. The following week the same, It’s been two weeks now and to my surprise, It’s really looking up, The problem is, We have so much stuff that has not been used in years, There is one person in this house hold that wants to continue to keep a lot of useless things?? What do you think will be done with it?? “PUT IT IN THE GARAGE” And back to square one. It just gets me out of the cleaning mood so quickly as feel like it’s a useless battle. If We can get everyone on the same page I know this will work. I keep saying “Don’t even look at it just throw it out but it’s like talking to a brick wall.

  2. I’m dizzy from nodding my head “Yes, Yes”
    I committ to throwing out my chipped china plates and little boxes! Love your blue nail polish ! Too cute!

  3. I have a wing chair that were my grandparents’. The bottom is falling out and the material is out of style. I want to get an upholster to fix it and recover it. I know it won’t be cheap. Thought I could go to two for an estimate and compare the prices and type of work they do.
    It’s sitting in the basement waiting for me to take the next step or to dump it after I read this. O dear I am thinking and have set a deadline for tomorrow to make a final decision. Till then!!

  4. It’s funny I came across your video today. I went through my daughters massive craft box yesterday and finally got rid of almost everything in it. I kept thinking for the longest time that she’ll need it for a school project but she’s now in high school and I realized that I could replace what I need at the dollar store so I donated it to her former day care and they were thrilled.

  5. Guilty, I had lots of useful(not) trash when I cleaned out my sewing/craft room. I am sure I will find more as I work through the rest of the house. Just yesterday, I was throwing an old dryer screen in the trash and my old self said wait, surely there is something you could use this for. I just shook my head and said no! in the trash you go.

  6. Yes! I am a hopeless crafter and former preschool teacher. I have saved stuff for years thinking I might need it for a craft project. I am going to look at it differently now!

    • Me too. I thought my daughter would want my materials, but she says she has enough, so I am getting rid of the crafts and the other materials slowly ,but surely.

  7. I do have trouble thinking “I can use that for a project.” I am shifting my thinking entirely. I plan to go over my cups again. I thought they were decluttered, but I still have too many for the cabinet.I promise to get rid of more of them as well as start the list of “60 things to declutter right now.” Thank you Sarah, for keeping me on track. Judy


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