One of the easiest decluttering tasks you’ll ever do

Do you think about how your digital clutter might be impacting your life?

We talk a lot about physical paper clutter, but a lot of that clutter today comes in the form of an email straight to your overwhelmed inbox!

Today’s post will help with decluttering your inbox by unsubscribing from email lists.

how to unsubscribe and declutter your inbox

These tips are brought to you by Danielle Smallwood, one of our Network Decluttering Coaches.

Do you struggle with unsubscribing from mailing lists?

It’s not every day anymore when I’m slammed by feelings of real panic about decluttering something.

But it turns out that unsubscribing from email lists is a trigger for me! Who knew?!

Anyone else have a hard time unsubscribing?!

After some consideration, I’ve determined that two things, in particular, were bothering me:

Issue #1: Forgetting

My ADHD brain can’t remember why I walked into a room, let alone the name of the store I bought that present from five years ago.


Issue #2: Guilt

I’m actively list-building myself for my business, so unsubscribing especially from smaller lists makes me feel disloyal, or perhaps even worse, like I’m creating bad karma.

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How I’m solving these issues so I can declutter my inbox.

Issue #1: Shops I Worry About Forgetting

I’ll make a list in the Notes App of my phone with their name. I don’t even need the website – can always Google that!

Searchable Notes are an ADHD girl’s best friend. I use as many keywords as I can think of, since I always worry I won’t be able to find the note, either, lol.

Searchable keyword options:  Stores I like, places to buy presents, etc….

Issue #2: Feeling Guilty

Here’s the thing:  It does no one any good to have you on their email list if you’re no longer interested in the emails. It hurts their open rates and can be costing them money.

In other words, it can actually do harm!

So if a list isn’t relevant to you anymore – or not for this period in your life anyway – just unsubscribe!

It doesn’t have to mean anything negative about the store or business! And if you might be interested later, make another list…

Is unsubscribing hard for anyone else? How do you work through it?!

Danielle Smallwood is a decluttering coach with a mission of combatting clutter shame. Get more of Danielle’s best tips for decluttering your home here.

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