6 Clever Under the Bed Organization Ideas – Perfect for Small Bedrooms!

Looking for extra organization space in a small bedroom? We all know that adding shelving units or extra hooks inside the closet can give us extra space for our belongings, but what about that wasted floor space underneath the bed?

Because of the size and height of a typical bed, that extra storage space can feel a bit like it’s not worth the effort. However, with the right setup, you can create an organized space that is both useful and easy to access.

Check out these clever under-the-bed organization ideas to get started. They’re perfect for small bedrooms, dorm rooms, or any room really!

under bed organization ideas


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Bed risers to create more storage space

suprima ultimate height bed risers
These Suprima Ultimate Height Bed Risers add tons of storage space under a bed. Grab on Amazon.

When a bed is really low to the floor, it’s hard to not only fit things underneath but also to get things out from it! Some simple, cheap bed risers are an easy solution to create more bedroom storage and organization quickly.

You can buy bed risers off Amazon in various styles and heights. They’re also great for people who prefer to have a taller bed that is easier to get in and out of.


Really shallow storage containers

sockerbit storage box from ikea under bed
Shallow storage bins, like the Sockerbit from Ikea, work perfectly under the bed.

Even though the height underneath a bed is short without bed risers, you can utilize the width of the storage space with slim, shallow storage containers.

They are the perfect place to store your seasonal clothing items not currently in rotation or your spare sheets and blankets if you lack a linen closet.

You can generally find these types of storage containers in hard plastic or fabric material. Check out Ikea or hit up Amazon for options.


Storage containers, drawers, and baskets on wheels

add wheels to storage baskets
Add wheels to just about any storage container to create the perfect, accessible under-bed storage solution.

For the ultimate accessibility, you can put your favorite storage containers on castor wheels. This makes your normal storage bins easier to slide in and out from under the bed!

We love this idea because you don’t need to go out and buy a bunch of new containers. You can use the free storage containers that you already have and simply purchase some wheels off Amazon.

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Bookshelves on wheels as sliding drawers

diy bookshelf under bed storage drawer
Create your own unique under the bed storage unit using an old, slim bookshelf.

Create a DIY under-the-bed organization unit by putting wheels on a bookshelf! Lay the bookshelf flat, attach wheels to the back, and have a ready-made storage unit (with built-in compartments) in no time.

Since bookshelves are typically quite tall, this is a great way to utilize the big storage area under a bed. It’s also a great way to repurpose an old shelf that you no longer have use for!


DIY platform bed on shelves

diy platform bed on shelves
Create a platform bed on top of book shelves.

We’ve all seen the picture-perfect tiny homes where the beds have all this magical and beautiful storage space underneath. It’s actually really easy to recreate this look using cube shelving units – like the ones from Ikea.

We love this method of creating a platform bed because the little storage cubes can be both pure bed storage and also decorative. Add photos, lights, and even plants for a unique bedroom style straight out of a magazine!


Lift up bed frame with storage underneath

lift up bed frame with storage underneath
Try a lift-up bed frame with built-in storage.

It’s definitely not the cheapest option on our list, but investing in a lift-up bed frame with built-in storage is a stylish way to increase the amount of storage space in your bedroom.

While we love that this a bed with storage ready to go, we think we might enjoy the other methods of under-the-bed organization a little better. The idea of having to lift up the entire bed in order to access an extra blanket seems a bit much at times, right?


These under-bed organization ideas should provide more storage space in any bedroom, but especially in small ones. Be sure to check out our other posts on small home organization ideas (or join our Organize My Home Membership) to create a space that feels put together whether it’s a house or a small apartment.


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