How to plan your time so you actually get things done

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Is yours being wasted? 

What good is a plan if you can't stick to it? 

It's no good at all!

In fact it's worse than no good. 

When you create a to-do list or put something on your calendar and then the plan doesn't get done, it makes you not want to plan. It makes you hesitate to put things on the calendar or commit to things because what's the point?

And then you use things like external deadlines to create pressure for yourself because you know you won't be able to ignore them forever and you'll actually get them done.

This is things like:

- IRS deadlines (no one wants fines and fees!)
- home repairs (can't let the plumber see the bathroom in this shape!)

- out of town visitors (oh the shame of exposing your messy kitchen)

External deadlines do work to help us get things done but there are 2 problems.


1. We feel terrible the entire time we're anticipating the deadlines and doing the work. Ironically this doesn't make us want to do the tasks any quicker and most people procrastinate as long as possible.

2. We have no incentive to change and so we go right back to our old habits as soon as the deadline has passed. We don't actually make progress in our ability to plan and follow-through. 

What if you could learn to schedule and plan out your time so that you actually followed through?

When you start planning this way, you can easily save an hour a week in the first month (that's 4 hours a month) without doing anything differently! It's like an entire half a day freed up to do whatever you like (PLUS you'll have the satisfaction of knowing those pesky to-do's are actually crossed off your list!)

Once you've been using this time management system for a while, you'll easily save an hour a day without working any harder. Imagine - getting the exact same amount of work / tasks / to-dos done with an extra hour to spare! 

What would you do with that hour?

Work on a hobby? 

Get some extra rest?

Start a home business?

The options are limitless. 

Here’s what you’ll get:

#1 How to stay flexible AND finish your to-dos

Do you think that your life is too varied and changing to be able to follow through with a plan?

Some people feel that they can't ever stick to a plan because they're responding to a demanding boss, running around after small children, or taking care of a relative. Or maybe you've got ADHD and planning makes you feel like you're wrapped in a straight-jacket.

If you’re constantly responding to life’s circumstances or other people’s needs (kids, partner, job, etc.), it’s more critical than ever that you learn how to make a plan and get it done. 

The key is to do it in a way that allows for the proper amount of flexibility. I'll show you how to do that.

#2 How to prioritize effectively

Too often, we spend time doing things that seem urgent and then feel like we haven’t really done anything.

When you learn how to prioritize properly, you can focus on the things that make a difference (and ignore the ones that don’t). It's not your fault - prioritization is a skill that most people never learn properly and they suffer greatly for it. 

When you learn my simple prioritization hacks, you may find that half of your to-do items become unnecessary immediately! Talk about a time-saver!

#3 How to actually stick to your plan (even if you don't feel like it)

You may be tempted to bail on your plan when it’s time to execute.

This is the #1 reason most plans fail. You’ll learn how to resist that urge to bail and honor your plans.

Learn this skill and you can literally have almost anything you want in life. You just have to be willing to plan it out and then stick to the plan.

Of course I'm not saying that you can become a famous singer or run a marathon just because you've made a plan; but how many times have you seen something that was within your reach and missed out on it just because you couldn't get it together to follow your plan? 

This is where you can start realizing your dreams. 

What else you'll learn in the Time Management Workshop

  • How to make a to-do list that actually gets done instead of being abandoned as soon as it's written
  • why you must get your plans and to-dos out of your head and onto paper
  • how to prioritize so you focus on the things that make a difference (and ignore the ones that don't)
  • what to do when you don't want to follow your plan

  • what to do when you bomb your plan (for instance, due to lack of motivation, illness or other emergencies)

  • planning pitfalls that will sabotage your schedule and how to avoid them

  • how to schedule out your time given the tasks you've identified as important

Life will interrupt your plans – guaranteed! But the key to making progress is what you do when this happens. Learn how to recover from a planning “fail” without beating yourself up.

This program is for disorganized and distractable people who want to finally break free from the frustration of to-do lists that never get done.

Once you've watched this workshop, you'll be able to get more done and conquer your to-do list even if you feel like you're never able to do everything on your list 

No special software or apps needed. Use a printed planner, a digital calendar, or even post-it notes! It's up to you.

Order the Time Management Workshop for just $299*

The Time Management Workshop is a series of 6 videos, each 3-15 minutes long.

Watch 1 video a day for 6 days, use the included worksheets and do the short assignments and you’ll learn the system.

You'll start reaping the benefits on day 1.

Closed Captions

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Just $299

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Time is the one thing we can never get more of. 

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