Organize your kitchen with these 10 simple principles

how to easily organize your kitchen: 10 simple principles

It always interests me how other people organize their kitchens. A well-organized kitchen employs certain principles, and organized people instinctively use these principles.

If you’re not one of those people, however, you may struggle. I hope this post gives you some guidelines to work with as you organize (or re-organize) your kitchen.

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Toy clutter organized! 5 brilliant ways

toy clutter organized cover

Are the toys in your house driving you crazy? If you’ve got little kids (or big ones), you may have toy storage issues. Yet, kids and toys don’t automatically equal chaos.

If you take a peek into a preschool classroom, you’ll probably find it’s not a disaster. Somehow the kids still manage to have fun, be creative and stay busy.

What’s a parent to do when organizing toy clutter? Think like a preschool teacher!

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