Decluttering Success Stories

 From women like you

Arla Lewis’ house always had a “junk room.” “My computer room was always horrible. And then over the years, the living room joined in the horribleness.”



“I've tried different programs that worked for a while, and then I fell off the wagon. But with you, it was like somebody holding my hand saying ‘you can do it. I'm right here…’


“Now I know I can do it. It feels fantastic. I feel a lot better so I thank you Sarah.”

Arla Lewis

When Dee Curry's husband of 30 years gave her an ultimatum, it came as a shock. “Basically he said, honey, you better start decluttering or else.


Now, Dee is rethinking her relationships with her things. “I'm looking at my clothes and saying, ‘do I actually like them when they're on?’”


If Dee’s husband hadn’t noticed the decluttering before, he has now.

“He's noticed me letting things go and now he's making suggestions. Like, ‘well why don't you go through the dog sweaters?’”

Dee Curry

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As a military family, Tanya and her husband spent years unsure when or where they’d move next. Between repeated moves and starting a family, the boxes started stacking up.

The clutter made Tanya feel anxious. “Home should be your safe place. It should be the place where you can de-stress.”

Sarah’s groups help immensely.

“I love the people posting daily. It has young people, and older people, and people my age…it's been an inspirational group for me, to see people's before and after photos and to not be afraid to post, ‘okay, here's my mess, but look, this is what I did!’

“We eat at the table for all of our meals now.

That was our goal…and that's been a huge positive for my family.

We're not eating in front of the TV anymore. 

So we actually sit and talk to each other.”

“And I've noticed my oldest, he's calmer. I look back think, ‘how were we functioning?’ Not very well apparently.”

“I feel better now.

I don't stress out if someone says, ‘Hey, I'm dropping by the house’…now it's just like normal kids toys out, not, ‘oh I haven't unpacked 24 boxes and they're still sitting in my living room.’”


Before: sorting kids clothes

After: much less to keep!

Kathie Spencer’s heart has more than enough room for foster dogs, but as her house filled up with dog things—leashes, collars, harnesses, toys, sweaters—she was overwhelmed.

“I’ve got five dogs here now, so stuff is scattered everywhere.. I couldn’t seem to focus on one thing. With your help, now I can.”

Kathie has found the motivation to make some major changes in her home. She says that the lessons and challenges create a sense of accountability.



“Sarah makes this process doable.

She makes it reasonable.

Now I look at a decluttering project and say ‘I can do this’ because I've done it before.”

Kathie Spencer

Judy could make her house look presentable, but she wasn’t really cleaning—she was hiding things.


“I would run around like a crazy person stuffing things everywhere when someone was coming over…When they’d leave I'd think, ‘oh, the house looks nice,’ but I couldn't find a thing.”

“Last January I thought, ‘this is the year to do it.’ But I’d have quit in a month had I not found you. ”


Letting go was a hard process.

But the more I let go, I see the space and it's usable. The things that sat on the counter all the time are now in drawers and I can find them. I know where everything is. I love it.

It's what life should have been all along.”


Jen, who lives with her two adult daughters, was feeling stressed about keeping up their house in the wake of a divorce. Decluttering helps her feel in control.


Jen is making quick work of decluttering.

“I try to work 20 minutes to half an hour every single day. I seem to be more motivated right before it’s garbage day.”

“There's still a little bit of clutter, you know, I still have knickknacks and things like that. It’s been rewarding because everybody tells me how nice my house is.”


While she was a foster parent to five kids, Pat Branstetter learned to never throw a paper away. “You're going to need it for court.”


“Once I got started with your program, it made me feel so good to be able to just do the refrigerator. I thought that was kind of bizarre when my goal was the stupid office.

And then it was, ‘do the junk drawer’… and I realized the process that you had was something that we all needed.

After watching Pat work on her things for a few months, her husband did all of his clothes.

She says, “That’s what everyone dreams of! 

It was amazing.”

Pat Branstetter

The tipping point for Morgan was when she became pregnant.

The room that was to become the baby’s room was so packed with stuff that you couldn’t walk in it. 


This wasn’t the first time Morgan had tried to clear out that room. “I tried making it into my craft room but I just couldn't get rid of the stuff so the room never got to where I wanted it.

But when I had that deadline of the baby coming, it became very easy to let go of a lot of stuff.”



Before, I was paralyzed because I didn't know where to start so I just never did it. So doing this has really helped.


I can come home, I can cook a meal right away because I don't have to clean the counter off first. It's just improved our life so much.


Kathy’s late husband used to complain about her clutter. “After he died I realized he had more clutter than me, and was able put it in places where I couldn't see it.”

Decluttering is especially difficult when you’re dealing with grief. “I’m now getting to the point where I can do that, and enjoy the memories…"

Kathy already had a habit of donating extra things to charity, but she’s recently picked up the pace. “I have more of a sense of urgency, as I’m older. There’s been a lot of information about death cleaning, which sounds really morbid, but it makes a lot of sense to me.”

“The push was realizing that I didn't want to leave all of this stuff for my kids to go through…They’re not interested in a lot of my memorabilia.” 

“My favorite part is ACDC (Alternating Clean Declutter Clean). I love it. 

It's that half hour that I just concentrate. And I know that there is a time that I'm going to finish it, or stop, and come back and talk with you all. That's been fun and so helpful.”


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