10 clever ways to store your craft supplies when you don’t have a craft room

Ok, crafters! As many of us on the Decluttering School team are crafters ourselves, we understand the need to get creative even when we don’t have a dedicated craft room.

That can literally find us crafting in random spaces of the house – like at the dining table or on the living room floor.

Because of that, finding clever ways to store those craft supplies (after we declutter them, of course) is important in order to maintain the peace in the home as well as keep us crafting to the best of our capabilities.

For some awesome ideas, we asked our community for tips. Here’s what they had to offer!

clever craft storage ideas when you don't have a craft room

10 Clever Ways to Store Craft Supplies When You Don’t Have a Craft Room


I use a folding fabric storage bench, it holds a lot & on top is my current declutter project, paper/ junk mail shredding to be done.

-Betsy Kidd Slagle


Practically any room corner can be a crafting corner. Mine has been in lots of places: a hallway corner, a bedroom corner, in a walk-in closet, and part of a basement.

Think UP. Use the walls alllllllll the way up to the ceiling—pegboard, shelving, cupboards, whatever makes sense for you and the space.

Furniture that does double duty. Use a tall bookcase/shelving as a room divider and quiet place to recharge.

The key is to make space for creating and accessing tools and supplies not storing unused items. Only “Store” what you’ve created, you love, and you feel good about—let the rest go.

-Veronica Turner


This is an inexpensive plastic bucket with a cover. I wish it wasn’t round, but it works.

-Linda D’Amario


I sorted each craft type into plastic document totes. Each tote is labeled with its contents. They are 9″ wide, 10″ long and 3″ deep. I can stack them and locate everything easily.

-Jennifer LeClair


Bins. Or a tall chest of drawers.

-Dawn Fenimore Hoff


Mine are in an old chest in the storage room in my basement. I take out what I want and work at the kitchen island.

-Patricia Burdette


That’s….something we’re working on. I don’t have a dedicated craft room; we’ve been using the dining room table (covered with a tarp) for painting. Current system is keeping paint supplies in a cool box when not in use. Not the best system, but at least it isn’t all over the place.

-Karen Slusher


Clear shoe boxes stacked on shelves. So easy to go there and find what I want. I write a name and tape it on short end. I name the box by category. I have sewing, soaping, knitting, and odd. I mark the labels with category first, then what if is…tape/fun, tape/duct, sewing/elastic, sewing/binding tape, soap/bags, knitting/notions, knitting/mitten samples, etc.

-Margo Mulholland


My craft closet. Everything has a spot and it all rolls back in and closes up when I am done. The closet is in my dining room beside my table for 10.

-Lissa Gerwig Lance


Oh, boy! I am working on that right now! I have a plastic Sterilite four-drawer chest where I keep scrapbook papers, templates, and scrapbook kits. I just donated a sticker binder because it took up a lot of room. I’m now trying to figure out how to store stickers and embellishments, but they’ll probably go in the rolling storage cart that I got from Aldi. I would put everything in there, but the drawers are too small for the 12 x 12 scrapbook papers.

-Keri Petroski

What sort of clever ways do you have for storing craft supplies?

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  1. I was a cheer mom making cheer bows for everyone on 4 teams so I had a wall full of ribbon rolls. I went searching and found these flat cardboard spools on Amazon. The have 3 sizes and over the course of a couple of weeks, I transferred all of my ribbon to these flat cardboard things. If I ran out of the small ones, I wrapped 2 or 3 small ribbons around a bigger one. I went from a wall plus 3 boxes full of ribbon to 4 trays of ribbon. And it gave me the opportunity to purge some of the ribbon that I didn’t really want/need as well. It truly was miraculous! Here’s the link in case anyone is interested.



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