Can I send you this book for free?

I’ll tell you about it, and then introduce you to two people whose lives it changed

Do you have a room in your house containing “skeletons” or “mystery boxes”? You know, all the boxes that you’re just too terrified to open, because they will scream “Loose ends! Unfinished work! Unmade decisions!

Does just walking past the door of that room make you think, UGH.

Does it seem like your CLUTTER …. has CLUTTER?

Do you catch yourself making excuses … or maybe outright lying ….

…. to people about the state of your home?

Oh dear friend, you Are Not Alone

Did you know …. ?

  • $183 in food waste every month per US household, because our kitchens are too messy to cook in (that’s $2,196 per year!)
  • $30+ in late fees for every bill lost in a paper pile on the kitchen counter
    Countless hours spent looking for lost items
  • Thousands of dollars spent on organization and storage products (just to contain the things we’re not using)
  • $90 / month on a storage unit (1 in 10 households has one). This adds up to $1,080 per year and often goes on for years!
  • $150-400 per month spent on clothing – the average for women who have so many clothes, that putting away laundry is a nightmare, and they never see their closet floor.

There is nothing wrong with you. You are just struggling with the Big Problem of the 21st century…



Our brains were not wired to cope with All This Stuff.

It is Not Your Fault.

And you might be tempted to beat yourself up by saying, “Yes, but I’m the one who brought all this stuff in here! I’m the one who bought it! It IS my fault!”

No. It’s. NOT.

Scientists and historians will tell you that for most of history, human beings have been just one step from starvation. It’s been a struggle just to survive.

It’s only been for the last tiny tiny fraction of history …. that survival has actually been pretty easy. And we’ve been able to indulge ourselves with what used to be luxuries. Like, centrally-heated houses with indoor plumbing, more than one set of clothes, cars. toys, etc.

As recently as 1940, most people didn’t have spare time. They were just too busy trying to keep themselves and their kids fed. Hobbies? If they had one, it was something simple, that made use of the tools they already had.

Our minds have not evolved yet to cope with all this Stuff.

And if you’ve been busy for the last few years with job, spouse, kids, parents, mortgage, bills, and everything that goes along with it ….

You can be excused for suddenly waking up one morning and thinking, “Where did all this stuff come from?”

It happens to people from all walks of life.

And there are two such people I'd really like you to meet

The first one is Bibi Diaz.

Bibi is a chatty, bubbly, and highly intelligent woman …. who designs and makes costumes for stage performers in Las Vegas!

Wow, wow, WOW ….

And she had a problem.

“Before I discovered Decluttering School, my life was pretty chaotic at times. I live in Las Vegas. I work on a show on the Las Vegas strip as a costume person, so I had a sewing room that was one of the starts of all of the MESS …. that would cause me a LOT of anxiety. It just got so packed! Oh, I’m not kidding ….!

The very room where she let her brilliance out into the world …. was also, for her, a place she was deeply ashamed of.

My heart soooooo went out to Bibi. Here’s this brilliantly creative woman, making costumes that allow actors and singers to really shine onstage ….

And yet when she’s doing what she’s so gifted at, all she feels is this terrible anxiety.

How had this happened?

Here’s Bibi again:

“I’m a procrastinator! I’m not gonna lie. And actually, that is one of the things that working with Sarah has really helped me with. I don’t procrastinate as much!

Dear friend, it happens to everyone. High, low, short, tall …..

Clutter doesn’t care. It creeps up on you slowly, bit by bit, week by week, while you’re busy raising kids, working a job, keeping a roof over your head, tending to ill relatives, volunteering at school, place of worship ….

Clutter loves EVERYBODY.

And before you know it …. your kitchen, your garage, your house, your LIFE …. is in a mess that just fills you with Shame.

So you repackage it into different boxes, and move it around, to different rooms, stacked on top of each other ….

That will make it look better, won’t it?

Won’t it???

And then a crisis hits.

A sudden tax bill. The promotion gets given to someone else. You lose your job. Or your husband loses his job. You have to move.

Maybe a parent dies. Or a sister, a best friend. Or a child.

Now your heart’s broken, and you have to handle MORE clutter …. that belonged to (and reminds you of) the one you just lost.

Even LESS space in your head to handle MORE Clutter.

That’s when clutter pounces. Doubling your sense of shame.

Bibi …. and hundreds of other women …. have all been there. Just like you.

What turned things around for Bibi?

“I thought, what the heck? I’m home with the pandemic! Like everybody else, I’ve got nothing better to do.

“I thought this would be a good opportunity to get my life in order, you know? Get my home in order because the clutter wasn’t just in this room, the clutter was everywhere. It was EVERYWHERE. And it was just growing.

“And I was …. I didn’t know where to start!

“I absolutely love your book & have told several friends about it (& sent them your website).

“It has been very helpful to me in that I can understand more about the cost of my clutter & now I have manageable tips to tame it. I finally did the easiest thing & cleaned out my kitchen drawers – I was able to throw things away that we have no reason to be holding onto, gave my kids random measuring spoons for their toy kitchen (because 3 full sets plus random ones was just way too much) & am gifting several items to a friend.

“I was also able to clean out my plastic containers but that is still a work in progress but I have thrown a good bit away.

“Thanks for such a great resource!”

Shannon – mom to 3

“I have to say, the Step-By-Step Decluttering book, I really liked it! I ordered it right away …. And after that I immediately signed up to the membership because I did not want to lose the momentum ….”

Bibi found help …. when she got her hands on Step-By-Step Decluttering.

(You may have seen it in our shop.)

Well, I have great news!

Step-By-Step Decluttering is now a REAL print book, not just an ebook!

You can order it here. And it’s FREE. (You just pay for shipping and handling.)

Where’s Bibi these days?

“Now I can come into my sewing room without anxiety!!! I can open the door, and it doesn’t give me anxiety anymore. It’s far from finished. It’s still a long ways to go, but the anxiety isn’t there anymore!

“If you think you got it together, guess what? If you have clutter, you don’t have it together. Wake up call! We don’t have it pulled together.

And Step-By-Step Decluttering is something that I know I can go back to. I can go through the course, and it wouldn’t hurt me at any time …. a month or two months down the line …., to take the course over again.

“And just as a refresher, you know? To revisit it and do it again. And when I go back and do it again, then I find something different that I didn’t catch the first time around. So that’s happened within Step-By-Step for me. I have gone back and done part of a lesson over again and said, Oh, okay! I absorbed it better a second time through!”

Bibi is well on her way to freedom. As she said, she hasn’t decluttered the whole house yet. But the two spaces that mattered …. the kitchen and her sewing room …. are HERS once more.

Bibi has become a great friend, AND she’s such a treasure in the Decluttering School community.

I’ve been so impressed with her that I hired her as one of our 10-Minute Miracle hosts. Every week, Bibi is in our online community. She is the biggest cheerleader for EVERYONE who is struggling with clutter.

Listen to Bibi tell her story here.

Now before I go much further …. Maybe I should introduce myself 😊:

My name is Sarah Mueller.

And several years ago …. I was exactly where Bibi …. and thousands of other people are.

I was a young mom, struggling to raise two (eventually four) boys, and keep SOME semblance of tidiness to my house.

And it always seemed like a never-ending …. and LOSING, battle.

A chance visit to my step-sister showed me a decluttered home …. That was also Beautiful.

A better, tidier, and HAPPIER, future …. was possible!

And that set me on a mission.

“Love the simple, no pressure approach to decluttering! Been decluttering little by little over the course of a year and am so much happier. I can do it how and when I want without worrying about being perfect. it’s also saved me money because I no longer lose things in the clutter that I end up re-buying. Thank you!!”

Stephanie Fox

Today, I lead an exciting Facebook page called Decluttering Club, with 147,000 followers and counting. My public Facebook page reaches over 3 Million (with an ‘M’) people per month, I have over 14,000 followers on Instagram.

And I’ve written the best-selling book Step-By-Step Decluttering specifically to help people with the same problem I once had!

The Step-By-Step Decluttering book is for you if:

  • You’re tired of the SHAME you feel when you just walk past the closed door of a certain room in the house ….
  • You feel like the cleaning …. never seems to end ….
  • You’d like to declutter …. but with jobs, kids, commitments, lockdown stress, sick relatives …. WHEN?
  • You haven’t a clue Where. To. Start!
  • You’ve started in the past, and ran out of steam so quickly that it seemed like you’d made the problem WORSE.
  • You’re scared of starting …. and getting interrupted by a friend or relative with an urgent, pressing problem that Only You Can Solve For Them. Please, pul-eeeeze help!
  • You’ve bought the Step-By-Step Decluttering digital workshop, but find learning by computer frustrating at times, and still just love the feel of a real, physical book in your hands.

What will you get in the Step-By-Step Decluttering print edition book?

Section 1 – Gaining the Decluttering Mindset
(This is critical to success. If you just charge in without the right mindset, you will wear out very quickly. And then you will just feel worse than you did at the start.)

Section 2 – Quick Wins Build Confidence
(This is all about finding that Oh! Maybe I CAN do this! feeling.)

Section 3 – Start with the Kitchen
(You spend more waking hours at home in this room than any other. This is the heart of your home, so it makes sense to start here. What are the keys to a decluttered kitchen that people WANT to stay in?)

Section 4 – Build Momentum
(Decluttering is all about momentum. If you get this early, you strengthen your mindset. There are some simple tips and tricks to this.)

Section 5 – You’re Becoming a Pro!
(Pro: Someone who knows tricks of the trade that amateurs don’t. You might even find yourself in love with decluttering.)

About the Author
(I’ll tell you MY decluttering story. Because I learned this the hard way.)

(Many customers find these the most valuable part of the book. They force you to think about what you’re doing, and WHY.)

Here’s what you’ll gain in Step-by-Step Decluttering:

  • How to get your children enthused about Decluttering! (We-e-e-ll, maybe not enthused, exactly. But you’ll be able to motivate them enough to actually do the work, and even thank you afterwards that you pushed them!)
  • You don’t have to give up all your treasured keepsakes! Memories are what make a home, a home. Here’s how to declutter AND keep your memories very much alive.
  • Marie Kondo’s techniques are marvellous …. if you’re planning to entertain the President in the near future. You aren’t? Then forget your ideas about the Perfect Home. You wouldn’t want to live in the Perfect House for very long, even if it WERE possible.
  • How to bring around the pack-rats and hoarders in your household. (Hint: Everybody hates a nag.)
  • You’re going to hit The Messy Middle. You run out of energy, the job suddenly gets harder, and you think, Why, oh WHY did I talk myself into this? Don’t worry. It happens to everybody. And there are ways to re-ignite the spark.
  • Kitchen Zero: What it is, what it isn’t, how to get there, and the two daily things to do that will keep the Kitchen at Zero!
  • The 5 habits you will have developed by the end, that will keep your home decluttered …. without you even being aware of them.

“The one thing that helps me stay committed and follow through is to pay for something. I appreciate the extraordinary value of the products and offerings you give. It is a professional service you provide. It’s totally worth every dime I have paid. If someone wants to get serious about their decluttering, they could hire someone to come in at great cost, or they could sign up for your program and put in the time and commitment to learn to live in a new way.

“You have created something of value that is unique.”


Order the Step-by-Step Decluttering book for FREE (+ S&H) by clicking below:

You’ve heard Bibi’s story.

Now you need to meet Mary Stanton.

Mary is a retired school teacher in Maryland. And she found herself with a problem, too.

Says Mary:

“Well my house wasn’t always a cluttered mess.

“But a couple years ago, I was going through a rough patch. After I left teaching. It just became kind of stressful for me ….

“I started crocheting a lot, and sewing. And then I started buying yarn and fabric on sale, and it just accumulated. I spent a lot of time crocheting, and it became a kind of sanctuary, a way for me to escape. And so, I ended up having a lot of yarn and fabric all over the house. A lot, a lot, a LOT….

“And I let other things go. I just didn’t take care of …. And the more things there were, just became piles of stuff all through the house.

“So not quite as bad as a hoarder, but verging on it! There was not a lot of open space and it was becoming rather depressing.

“Then I happened to see Sarah’s ad on Facebook. (This was June 2020.)”

Mary Continues:

“Probably all my adult life, a problem area was always my bathroom and the vanity top. It would always get cluttered with items. But I was able to use some of the lessons Sarah taught.

“I decluttered it in August, and it has stayed decluttered! That is a big win for me.

“I had a free yard sale in the summertime! I advertised it. And I got rid of a lot of things that way!

“I’ve even organized my food pantry, and it has stayed organized so I can see what food I have. Now I’m not buying a lot of duplicate food or stuff that I already have.

Sarah asked me, “Can you get rid of some of your yarn?”

“And I said, Oh NO! I can’t get RID of any YARN! And she accepted that! But she also planted a seed. And that was important, because since then …. I have gotten rid of some yarn. And I’m slowly letting it go!”

Listen to Mary tell her story above.

Mary really appreciated the following aspects of Step-By-Step Decluttering:

  • “The Quick start in chapter 2! A few easy tasks to get you started and motivated without being overwhelmed.
  • “Your Mindset: You have to declutter this first! Otherwise you’ll just move things around, and not declutter.
  • “Sarah said to focus on one small spot, like the top of a dresser. Work on that, not the whole room.
  • “The worksheets guide you through the process! And they have you do reflection: What did you learn? Why is this important to you? What are you going to do with this information?
  • “The sheer encouragement! Her language is encouraging.
  • “And Sarah talks about books! I love books, and have a lot of them. I love the feel of a hardback book. But once read, it goes on the shelf and sits there! I wasn’t even planning to re-read them! Some have been sitting there for 10 years!
  • “There are links to other resources in the book. Really helpful.
  • “She addresses paperwork, which was a problem for me.
  • “You can re-use Step-By-Step! The second time through, I found I was able to let go of more things.

You will find help in Step-By-Step Decluttering that you simply will not find anywhere else.

Says Mary:

“I can easily relate to Sarah. I looked at another course, I was just curious …. but it was too rigid …. You couldn’t work at your own pace, you have to wait for her to send you an email to do something. I like the flexibility to work at a pace that works for me. With Step-By-Step, I can skip some sections, and go back to specific sections, to see what I want to work on.”

Chimes in Bibi again:

“Sarah is sooooo sweet. She gently, gently guided me to a direction of starting in a different area, and not take on THIS room. And she explained it to me, the reason why. And that’s what I loved about Sarah. What I really love about her is that she explained things to you and it was logical. And my brain has that logical part of it that wanted, that heard what she had to say. Sarah’s a great motivator.”

Awwwwww …. They’re making me tear up now …. 😂

But I only let them butter me up to make a point:

People find their lives turned right around after using
Step-By-Step Decluttering.

What will your life look like after Step-By-Step Decluttering?

  • Says Mary: “I discovered that decluttering is NOT an insurmountable task!”
    You’ll find that you have control of your life BACK.
  • Bibi: “Sarah taught us ways to feel good about ourselves.”
  • You’ll have the mental habits and questions to ask yourself, like: Am I really ever going to do this, or use this?
  • You will still have the keepsakes that have soooo many precious memories attached to them! But in a house that’s ordered, delightful, and FREE OF SHAME. Says Bibi: “Sarah understands sentimental attachments.”
  • You will have no ANXIETY, no SHAME, more time, and less stress …. You will feel more relaxed all around.
  • You will enjoy walking in your front door, and enjoy lounging about for a day or a weekend …. because you won’t feel like There’s something I should be doing ….
  • And you will be able to brag unashamedly about your Decluttering Achievements!

Could you do all of this on your own?

Of course you could.

But the fact is, Most people find the mountain just too high to climb on their own.

When you encounter obstacles, or interruptions, it’s just so easy to quit.

And then you beat yourself up all over again, and you feel worse than before!

Most people find buying a course …. at the very least …. helps them see it through to the end.

“I love a woman who’s willing to put in the work and make products for sale!

“I’m pretty decluttered for now (though there is always room for improvement) but I enjoy your emails and I’d be happy to buy from you if there is ever (again) anything that woudl fit with my life.

“Thank you for your free and paid content. I hope you are seeing huge success!”



I’ll let Mary and Bibi say it their way:

Mary: “I have looked at some other decluttering courses out there. There was one …. won’t mention any names …. they just came across as very artificial. Sarah is very down-to-earth.

Bibi: “I’ve purchased other programs! I’m not going to lie. And they are still sitting on my computer, and I’ve never touched them. And I thought, I was not going to do that with Step-By-Step. I purchased this and I’ve gotten through three quarters of it.

“And I REALLY like it. It is very good for anybody.

And the Step-By-Step Decluttering book is FREE …. Your only cost is the Shipping & Handling.

That’s IT. And if it really doesn’t work for you, you can even return the book for a full refund of the shipping and handling.

Bibi and Mary …. I hasten to add …. are just TWO of the tens of thousands of women (and a few men!) whose lives have been transformed by Step-By-Step Decluttering.

I’d be soooo happy …. if you’d let it transform YOURS.

Just click below to order your copy today.

What Readers Are Saying

“I try to declutter regularly and surround myself with only the things I use, love, and need. However, it seems like “stuff” comes in about as fast as it goes out, and I end up decluttering some of the same spaces yet again.

I love that Step by Step Decluttering tackles the tough questions. Yes, please, I totally need that!

Laura Smith
I Heart Planners

I am an organized person. I have systems that I think work well to keep clutter out of our lives, but in reading Sarah’s book I loved the steps she took you through to REALLY work through it. Her systematic approach made everything so easy.

Plus, Sarah has four kids. She totally gets how small hands can wreck your plans for clutter domination! If you’re overwhelmed by what is in your home — her steps will make it SO much easier on you. I totally recommend it!

Hillary Erickson
Pulling Curls

Thank you so much for this book! I feel like I can finally go through my kids keepsake totes. I think there are like 8 totes of “keepsakes” that I’ve just not let go of and your book makes me feel better about setting stuff free!

I’ve wanted to cut in half at least the number of these totes but just have been in the “messy middle” with them.
Thanks for the encouragement!

Cindy McGee
Downhill Run

“If you need some great steps to follow, this is it! Even if you are a born “keeper” through and through, you can find the motivation, encouragement, and support to help you to take steps towards being more organized.

“Often getting the right tools in your hands can make ALL the difference!

“If you need some great steps to follow, this is it! Even if you are a born “keeper” through and through, you can find the motivation, encouragement, and support to help you to take steps towards being more organized.

Morgan Tyree – Morganize with Me

“I did this a few months ago! Best decision ever! It was such a great life changing experience! I decluttered almost 1/2 of my overwhelming possessions! I feel so much joy in my home even in my deepest darkest closets! Thank you sarah Mueller for all you taught me!“

Julie Farmer

“The one thing that helps me stay committed and follow through is to pay for something. I appreciate the extraordinary value of the products and offerings you give. It is a professional service you provide. It’s totally worth every dime I have paid. If someone wants to get serious about their decluttering, they could hire someone to come in at great cost, or they could sign up for your program and put in the time and commitment to learn to live in a new way. You have created something of value that is unique. Just say goodbye to the haters.”

Laurie Skillman

“I’m on a roll …. addicted to decluttering this week, so proud of myself! Thank you Sarah Mueller, it’s your fault, you are wonderful.”

Elizabeth C

“I think you are just amazing. I have learned so much from you and keep applying it to my home. Maintenance is key as you said, and your talk on motivation is brilliant! You even taught me to passively declutter. I endorse your program totally and think there is none better!

“Please keep on keeping on.”

Doreen Scott-Dunne

“Thank you Sarah for all your help, positivity, energy, support and Add-a-girls!! You’re inspiring and your passion for helping us declutter is contagious. You lift us up when we can’t do it for ourselves. Your expertise in organization is invaluable. I’m so happy to have found you. I’ve enjoyed being the support of the community too. So thanks for sharing your Super Power with the world. There’s far more of us who appreciate your time, energy and skills than the DD’s. Keep shining your sunshine and decluttering our homes 10 mins at a time.”

Patricia Brennan

“Let me tell you decluttering has been the best thing I have ever done. I work full time and we bought a new home five years ago. When we moved in I was working 10-12 hours a day, most weeks 6 days a week. My son-in-law became disabled and my daughter started working two jobs. Needless to say our house was a complete mess. I believe we had just gotten so overwhelmed that no one knew where to start.

“I cleaned the dining room which took me all day to do but it’s done. The table is clean, we have been eating at the table and on Saturday night, we have been having game night and playing games and cleaning the room afterward. Life is so much easier with our house clean and decluttered. I don’t think this would have ever happened without you and your help. You never made me feel bad about the house being such a mess but you gave me hope that we could get it done.

“Thank you for all your help and encouragement.”


“Great suggestions and motivation to do what would make a serene environment.”

Beth Chapman Oliver

“Step-by-Step Decluttering has given me the boost I needed. The best thing I have done is setting a timer and working 15, 25, and then 30 minutes at a time and then stopping. Decluttering is overwhelming and many times we feel we must tackle it all at once.

“I can’t thank you enough for Step-by-Step Decluttering and all the valuable tips and lessons offered. I didn’t take pictures, but I will for the next room, and send to you!

“Thank you so much! I am so thankful I found you!”


“I truly appreciate your help. On a personal note. – I am 65 years old and raising my 2 grandchildren- ages 10 boy and girl 12. I also volunteer 25 hrs a week. I would come home exhausted and cry at the mess. I was so stressed I was yelling at children.

“Since I have been reading your notices and challenges, I am calmer and less frustrated. I am getting small thing accomplished and feel good I made challenges for the children for chores and small incentives. They loved it and almost got rooms cleaned.
I cannot begin to say thank you so much!”

Denise Blair

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a physical book that will be shipped to my house?
Yes. So you will have to supply us your mailing address.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping via USPS First Class.

Can you ship to non-U.S. addresses?
Yes, we can!  We now have international shipping available for Canada, United Kingdom, and most European countries for only $25! Please allow 2-4 weeks for International shipping.

Is this a book on organizing?
Organizing and decluttering are certainly related. However, it’s much easier to organize when you’ve decluttered first. There is one section that talks about organizing, but the rest of the book deals with the decluttering process.

I am disabled and have very little energy or motivation. Would your program be too much for me?
We have many, many customers with health challenges who love our baby steps approach to decluttering. I think you’ll especially like the new decluttering challenges that take just a few minutes day and let you experience success early and often.

How is this book different from The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and the Konmari method?
I find that Konmari encourages perfection and taking things on too much at a time. My clients actually find that they feel worse about their clutter after attempting this method.

In addition, Step-by-Step Decluttering spends more time on the emotional aspects of clutter.

I have more questions.  How can I contact you?
You can always email our Customer Success Team at sarah@declutteringschool.com and we will be happy to help you!

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