Is keeping stuff making you more or less prepared?

Do you find it hard to declutter because you want to be prepared?

Sure having extra flashlights and all the craft supplies might be handy if all of your grandkids are over and the power goes out…

But is that singular occurrence worth the long-term stockpiles taking up precious space in your home?

This video breaks down the concept of keeping things versus the concept of being prepared so that you can better make decluttering decisions moving forward.

Watch the Video Now:

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Do you struggle with decluttering because you want to be prepared with things you have 'just in case'?


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4 thoughts on “Is keeping stuff making you more or less prepared?”

  1. How do I get my hubby to hung up his stuff we have a love seat where throws his clothes, instead of hanging it up but then on the other hand I am no much better , my kitchen chair holds 2 of my sweater,I came home took them off and there they stay how do break these habits, help

  2. I found your video about Preparedness very insightful! It really designated with me. I was surprised that you aren’t taking memberships at this time. Are any of your other videos available or are you on any social media sites? Thank you for all you said.


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