When to Declutter: 8 Definitive Signs You Need to Start Today!

Have you stopped to wonder if maybe you have a clutter problem in your home?

If you’re reading this, the answer is probably a big yes. But in case you needed a little more confirmation, here are 8 definitive signs you need to declutter.

signs you need to declutter home

1. You can’t find the counter or floor.

Do you find yourself tripping over things constantly, or is the floor literally non-existent?

Was there seemingly much more counter and table space in the kitchen that has now disappeared?

When all the flat surfaces in your home start to become cluttered and unusable, it’s definitely time to declutter and organize your space. It makes a big difference in how your home looks and feels.

Check out this post to see how clearing off the kitchen counters makes all the difference!

2. You still have clothes with tags in the closet.

Hoarding beautiful clothes that you’ve never actually worn definitely means it’s time to clean out and declutter your closet. Chances are there’s a lot more that’s going unused – not just the clothes with tags!

This may also warrant changing your shopping habits so that you’re no longer making unnecessary purchases. Check out our Stop Overshopping Masterclass available in our shop to get your shopping under control.

Less shopping means less clutter after all!

3. You have a stash of empty boxes.

A lot of people like to keep the original boxes that their electronics, kitchen appliances, and many other types of items came in – just in case.

For some things, this makes sense as you might want to sell it down the road, but when those boxes start to take up precious shelf space, or even entire closets, it’s time to declutter!

Be ruthless and also logical when culling these. If the box is for a 10-year-old popcorn machine, chances are you can ditch it immediately.

4. You can’t park in the garage.

When the car no longer fits in the garage because you’ve got boxes and piles of holiday supplies, tools, lawn care gear, and all the random leftovers of daily life blocking the way, you know it’s time to declutter.

After all, the garage is meant to protect your vehicle from the outside world. Vehicles aren’t cheap, so making space for this purpose is more than worthwhile.

full garage sign you need to declutter
A full and cluttered garage doesn’t leave room to fit a car! This is a sign you need to start decluttering today.

5. You can’t close the doors.

We all know there is a simple magic about being able to throw a bunch of stuff into a closet or cupboard before guests come over… and closing the doors. It’s a makeshift alternative to cleaning, organizing, and decluttering in a pinch.

However, if that’s your long-term process for managing your home and belongings, there’s going to come a time when you simply can’t close the doors any longer.

By decluttering and removing the excess stuff you own, those doors can be used for good again.

6. You don’t invite guests over.

Being embarrassed by your clutter often results in keeping guests at bay. You might opt to not host family holiday gatherings, dinners with friends, and just someone for a cup of coffee.

At this stage, it’s time to take back the confidence you have in your home by decluttering.

7. You constantly feel stressed while at home.

Clutter causes stress! You may have an uneasy, unsettling feeling at home and not realize that your messy, cluttered space is causing it.

And if you do realize that clutter is the cause, check out these tips for what to do when clutter stresses you out for help!

8. You can’t find what you’re looking for!

Is there anything worse than not being able to find something you KNOW you own when you actually need it?

Closets get destroyed and drawers get emptied because you know you put that thing “somewhere around here.”

Worst of all, not being able to find things in a cluttered space often results in both more clutter and wasted money since you go out and buy the thing, again, that you couldn’t find.

Ready to Start Decluttering?

If you’ve found the sign that you need to declutter, we can help! Start with our Step-by-Step Decluttering print book – it’s free! Just pay shipping, and it’ll be sent to your door.

step-by-step decluttering print book

When did you realize you needed to start decluttering your home?


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