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Cluttered home? We've got you covered.

Everything you see here is served up with a tremendous helping of grace and compassion. We're not minimalists and we don't think you should be either (unless that's your thing but we really can't help much with that).  

Our mission is to help you overcome procrastination and perfectionism and still let things go to make room for what matters most

Step #1: Start Here

Step-by-Step Decluttering Workshop

If clutter is threatening to overwhelm you and your life, you'll love this encouraging and motivating workshop that will get you started.

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Step by Step Decluttering PRINT Book

We've created the printed book that goes with our Step by Step Decluttering digital workshop!

FREE! Just pay shipping.

Organize Like a Boss Challenge

Join OLAB and in 7 days, you will have 5 hotspots organized and under control.

*Included in Organize My Home Membership

Organize Like a Boss PRINTED Workbook

Follow along and stay focused on the Organize Like a Boss challenge with the printed version of the workbook, shipped to your door!

If you're not already registered, find out when the next challenge is scheduled here

Step #2: Gain Momentum

28 Day Reboot

28 Day Reboot

Declutter and organize 4 areas of your home in 28 days.

Closed for Enrollment - Only $297

Organize Like a Boss 2.0

Organize your home with a new OLAB series that contains 20 NEW principles and routines.

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Step #3: Fully Commit

Organize My Home Membership

Organize your home with ongoing challenges and training in our private membership group.

$97 - $997

Step #4: Topic Specific Programs

7 Days to Organized Mail

How to catch up (and keep up!) with your mail so it's never a problem again.

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10 Minute Miracle Collection

Learn how to declutter using our 10 minute method with 10 how-to videos showing real decluttering projects from real women.

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Capable Kids

Capable Kids

Teach your kids how to clean even if you feel guilty for asking … or you think it’s too late to even start!

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Cash In: Sell Clutter for Cash

Cash In is THE guide that will show you how to turn your clutter into cash in your pocket.

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Email Inbox Rescue Training

How to have an email inbox that doesn't make you want to cry!

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*Included in the Premium version of the Household Paperwork Made Easy course

Household Paperwork Made Easy

Discover how to organize papers so you never lose another important receipt, paper, or bill ever again...even if you're prone to clutter.

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Laundry Lessons

Learn how to conquer the laundry AND get it down to a science so it's no big deal!

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*Included in Organize My Home Membership

Stop Overshopping

When budgeting isn't the answer...and you need to learn to just STOP! We can help!

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Time Management Workshop

How to plan your time so you actually get things done!

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*Included in Organize My Home Membership

Weekly Worksheet Vault

A series of 40 short videos with worksheets to offer new ways to look at old problems.

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*Included in new signups for Organize My Home Yearly Membership

Step #5: Teach Others

Declutter Coach Professional Training

Interested in becoming a professional decluttering coach? Now is your chance!