How to make your wood floors shiny again (for just $20)

Do you ever look at your dull wood floors and sigh? I had been hoping for a way to make my wood floors shine without sanding but I was stumped.

The easy way to make your wood floors shine again without sanding.

I really wanted to do something about them but between soccer games, work meetings, and running the kids around, I had no time to give them the attention they needed.

Nor did I want to spend the thousands of dollars it would take to hire a contractor to sand them down and refinish them. (Affiliate links are present)

I really like my floors to look nice.

The fact that they were so dull and scratched was like a nagging thorn in my side.

Remember Little Orphan Annie?

I felt like Miss Hannigan was yelling at me, “You’ll stay up until this floor shines like the top of the Chrysler Building.”

And so I had been spending extra time cleaning trying to make my wood floors shine again.

So, as I was wandering through Home Depot, browsing the houseplant section (my latest passion!) – it caught my eye!

The easy way to make your wood floors shine again without sanding.

Rejuvenate promised to fix my sad, dull floor dilemma – could it be that easy?

Just 20 bucks for a bottle – I was willing to give it a try.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any good before pictures!

What kind of a blogger am I?

But I did have this old photo of the floor. You can see it’s dull and the color isn’t very rich.

The dog scratches the floor every time he dashes out the door to chase a squirrel.

And the kids are pretty tough on the floor as well… it’s a fact of life.

My kids were going to their dad’s that weekend – this was my chance.

Rejuvenation requires a good 24 hours of light traffic in order to harden properly.

With 4 boys and a dog, that wasn’t going to happen unless everyone was out of the house, at least for the evening!

So I decided to squelch the voice of Miss Hannigan and attack my wood floors with vigor.

I prepared myself for hours of hard labor as I slipped on an old pair of jeans and threw my hair up in a pony tail.

I read the instructions on the bottle and the task sounded surprisingly simple and easy to do – so I dug in . .

Here are the supplies you’l need

  • Microfiber mop and 2-3 mop covers (I used 1 dust mop cover, 1 regular microfiber cover to clean and 1 for the sealer)
  • Vacuum
  • Your favorite floor cleaner (I used Bona)
  • Rejuvenate Sealer

I used about half a 32 ounce bottle of Rejuvenate for 2 applications in my kitchen.

Here’s the process for using Rejuvenate to make your wood floors look shiny and new again without sanding

First, I cleared the room by removing all chairs, rugs, foam darts, etc. and set them aside.

The easy way to make your wood floors shine again without sanding.

Next, I dust mopped the floor thoroughly.

Any dust left behind will be trapped under the sealant so you want to have it as clean as possible.

I adore my oversized Amazon Basics dust mop. It’s a lifesaver for a super quick run through the kitchen when you don’t have time to vacuum.

Next vacuum.

Then I vacuumed, paying close attention to the corners, as the sealant will “seal in” any specs of dirt that are left.

“After.” The floor has a much richer color now and the scratches are sealed so no more dirt will get in.

Last, mop on a coat of Rejuvenate.

Did I mention this stuff costs $20?

And lastly, after vacuuming and getting up every last speck of dirt and dust, I mopped with Rejuvenate floor cleaner.

Surprisingly, that was the quickest part of the entire job!

It took me less than 10 minutes to cover my entire kitchen floor – wow!

The easy way to make your wood floors shine again without sanding.

You have to wait at least an hour before walking on it – Perfect time to relax with a magazine (be sure to grab that snack beforehand!). A second coat can be applied after 2 hours.

I recommend waiting at least 24 hours before letting little footprints on it or putting back the furniture to ensure the seal is completely set.

I walked downstairs the next morning and was thrilled with the results! The floors ‘shone like the top of the Chrysler building’ and were much richer, smoother, and shinier than I expected, and the scratches are all filled.

It’s been 3 weeks and my floor is still shiny! Hallelujah!

I chose the satin finish option, but I’m sure the high gloss finish is just as spectacular. My kids even noticed and that is saying something! LOL!

Easy peasey.

By the way, this isn’t a sponsored post; I’m just ridiculously happy with how well the floor turned out!

You can get Rejuvenate at most stores where cleaners are sold or save yourself a trip and have Amazon deliver it for you.

If I had realized how well this floor sealer works at making dull wood floors shiny for just $20, I’d have done it a LOT sooner!

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13 thoughts on “How to make your wood floors shiny again (for just $20)”

    • Their website says it’s for laminate as well. They also recommend trying it in a small spot first to make sure you like the result.

  1. Will this affect the ability too apply additional polyurethane coats in the future without completely stripping the surface? A number of floor liquids are not compatible with later screening and recoating.

  2. Works great on both ! Incredible on linoleum too!
    Fantastic product????
    Later , you just clean and refresh the shine ( same name on the bottle )

    • My dog was at my ex’s house. If he had been home, I probably would have barricaded him out of the kitchen for as long as possible. Even 6 hours would have been acceptable.

  3. Very nice too. Excellent and nice post. It will beneficial for everyone. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post.


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