How focusing on your self-care helps you declutter

Clutter, overwhelm, and disorganization…

What’s going on in your home could actually be a reflection of what’s happening within your heart and mind.

So while it’s no secret that the act of decluttering and organizing your home results in a calmer and less stressed life, there might be a point where focusing on your self-care is the only real way to make proper gains in the decluttering realm.

We chatted with Julie Wobbe, one of our network Decluttering Coaches, this week all about how focusing on your self-care first actually helps you to declutter!

So get ready to hit the spa or take a little me-time this week. Your home will thank you.

Watch the video now:

In this chat, Julie touches on the following:

  • How identifying the way you want to feel in your space is a great starting point to the decluttering process.
  • How self-care gives you the gift of more time and focus to actually declutter.
  • The concept of kindness credits, including building them up and drawing on them in moments of overwhelm.
  • Ways to reframe things happening in your life so they don’t lead to unnecessary overwhelm.

It’s an eye-opening chat that might have you thinking very differently about your decluttering process!

What form of self-care are you going to adopt to help with your decluttering efforts?

Julie Wobbe is a Decluttering School network coach who focuses on helping you create space in your life, your home, and your heart. Sign up for Julie’s worksheets here.


self-care helps you declutter


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