20 scary places that could use a deep clean

Inside even the cleanest of homes lies some dark, dark spaces that suffer from neglect.

They’re the spaces that get overlooked until one day we finally think about them and cringe.

Here are 20 of these scary places in your home that could definitely use a deep clean!

20 scary places in the home that could use a deep clean today!

Scary Kitchen Places to Deep Clean

Given the amount of activity in the kitchen as well as all the food and cooking, these kitchen spaces can get a bit grimy in no time.

1. Behind the fridge

2. The range hood over the stove (so greasy!)

3. The garbage disposal

4. The kitchen trash can

5. The back of the freezer

6. Under the sink

7. The dishwasher filter

Dusty window blinds could always use a deep clean today.
These dusty blinds are a great candidate for a deep clean.

Scary Dusty Places to Deep Clean

A face mask and some protective eyewear might save you from some dust-related sneezing and eye-watering while deep cleaning these spaces. Always do these with a bit of ventilation running through the room in which you’re working.

8. Fans and ceiling fans

9. Air vent covers

10. Furnace and air conditioner filters

11. Light covers

12. Window blinds

Scary Bathroom Places to Deep Clean

Nothing like the bathroom to make you go, “Yuck!” But all the reason to give these scary spaces a little TLC.

13. Behind the toilet

14. The shower drain

Just Plain Scary Places to Deep Clean

Typically, these spaces get tons of neglect, all the clutter, and aren’t always inviting. Giving them a deep clean will take more time and elbow grease than other scary spaces in the home.

15. The attic

16. The garage

17. The basement

18. The shed

Overlooked Scary Places to Deep Clean

These are the places you don’t think about often. In the meantime, they’ve become home to spare rolls of wrapping paper, items you meant to declutter and donate (but never did), and half-empty bottles of oil and wiper fluid.

19. The guestroom closet

20. Trunk of the car

It may be time to deep clean the trunk of your car.
The trunk of your car can easily turn into a scary place that could use a deep clean.

How to Get Motivated to Deep Clean These Spaces

When it makes you cringe, it’s not easy to get started!

The first step is to make it a baby step. Most of these deep cleaning tasks could be done in 10 minutes or less, so choose one of those.

For larger spaces, like the attic, it’s smart to break that down into more manageable and achievable tasks. Tackle a section, a corner, or even a shelf.

That’ll help you get the motivation to keep going – either on the same day or another day in the future.

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4 thoughts on “20 scary places that could use a deep clean”

  1. On this rainy Thursday, I will be tackling my bathroom – toilet , sink, blind , walls with my Swiffer and then sweep and wash floor. This will be an all day project because I will have to take breaks because of my health issues.

  2. Somewhere a long time ago I saw a hint on cleaning ceiling fan blades and it works so well – Using an old pillow case, carefully encase a blade at a time inside and drag the pillowcase back off the blade with your hand on either side of the outside of the case(top and bottom of fan blade). Voila! Clean blades and all the dust is in the case rather than on the bed, floor or whatever else might be beneath your ceiling fan! When you are finished, take the pillowcase outside, turn it inside out and shake it free of dust. Launder with regular laundry.


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