Is a Roomba right for you?

We’ve all hoped at one point that we could just have a robot clean our house for us–and for over a decade, we’ve been able to with the help of the Roomba.

But how do we know if a Roomba is the right fit for our specific home, family, and lifestyle?

Check out these quick tips to determine if a Roomba is the perfect addition to your cleaning routine or simply another gadget that will go unused.

easier cleaning with roomba - is it right for you?

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A Roomba may be right for you if…

1. You hate vacuuming with a passion

We all have that one chore we just can’t stand. If vacuuming is yours, the Roomba is your answer to making your spring cleaning easier.

With a set-and-forget concept, and the ability to link to Alexa and other voice and phone command programs, vacuuming can literally be as easy as a push of one single button. This also works well for people who don’t remember to vacuum until company is coming over.

For those who need to multitask, you can set Roomba to clean up a specific mess over a few square feet with the “spot” clean function while you finish the dishes.

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2. You have a physically hard time vacuuming

If back pain is your daily norm, or you struggle to carry a vacuum up and down staircases, the Roomba might be your new best friend.

roomba easy to carry
A Roomba is much easier to carry up and down the stairs when cleaning.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that you do need the space picked up enough for Roomba to do its job, which may mean bending over to clean up anyway.

If physically pushing, carrying, and pulling a vacuum is too much for you, outsource to a Roomba. It might be worth a quick declutter to have to never again haul that heavy vacuum out.

3. You have a relatively open space with few staircases

If you could picture yourself on an episode of an HGTV hoarding show, Roomba might not be right for you (read more here on overcoming donation guilt). Your space has to be relatively clear of junk and debris, with few places the robot can be obstructed or get stuck.

In addition, if you have multiple staircases, you may find yourself moving the vacuum too often to make it worth it, or having to invest in a separate one for each floor of your home.

roomba helps when you have kids
A Roomba can help keep your house clean when you have kids and not a lot of time to vacuum.

4. You have kids, pets, or frequent messes

Setting a timer in which you can guarantee that every day at a certain time, your floors will be clean, can be a lifesaver for someone who is taking care of kids or grandkids.

For example, presetting a Roomba to clean every day after lunch means you won’t be making dinner while walking on breakfast and lunch crumbs. You can also set it for the end of the evening to ensure all the daily messes are gone for a fresh start in the morning.

Certain Roombas are more helpful for pet hair, if that’s an issue, and can ease the burden of constantly chasing your fluffy pup’s tumbleweeds.

With little kids around, be prepared to rescue the Roomba periodically from the legos it ambitiously tries to eat and then gets stuck on.

It’s a small price to pay for a gadget that makes cleaning so much easier!

is a roomba right for you

Do you own a Roomba and love it? Let us know!

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