Printable Spring Cleaning Checklist: The Kitchen

Checklists are my way of keeping on top of things and staying motivated through less-than-exciting jobs (like spring cleaning!). Here’s a simple spring cleaning checklist you can use to cover all the important places in your kitchen.

how to spring clean the kitchen checklist

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How to Spring Clean the Kitchen!

We’ve broken the process of spring cleaning the kitchen into categories according to their difficulty and time needs. A thorough spring clean will involve all of these tasks, but you can use this checklist at any time of the year to freshen up!

It’s a perfect checklist for having a deep clean before you have family over for the holidays, too.

(Click the graphic to download a printable PDF.)

Here’s a simple printable spring cleaning checklist you can use to cover all the important places in your kitchen.
Click the image to download the PDF version.


Easy Peasy Kitchen Cleaning Tasks

  • Clean oven
  • Wipe down counters
  • Clean microwave
  • Run cleaning cycle in coffee maker
  • Deep clean dishwasher
  • Clean out toaster

Time Intensive Kitchen Cleaning Tasks

  • Clean inside drawers
  • Wipe out cupboards
  • Wipe down chairs, tables, stools
  • Empty and clean fridge
  • Empty and clean freezer
  • Reorganize pantry

Tasks That Require Some Elbow Grease

  • Scrub sink and faucet
  • Wash windows
  • Clean stovetop
  • Clean baseboards
  • Clean kitchen floor
  • Clean under and behind the fridge
  • Clean surface above the cabinets

Simple Cleaning Tasks to Freshen Up the Kitchen

  • Refresh or replace kitchen linens
  • Declutter cookbooks
  • Replace damaged and stained cookware


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