10 most popular decluttering tips of 2021

What a year of decluttering it’s been here at Decluttering School! We’ve helped thousands of people remove the excess from their lives, and we’d like to help you do the same.

Here are our 10 most popular decluttering tips from 2021 to get you started.

Decluttering School's most popular decluttering tips of the year that make decluttering so much easier!

1. Declutter like you’re moving house.

A list of 100+ things you can declutter while packing for your move!

If you want to make a huge dent in your decluttering, treat it like you’re moving house!

While this list is geared towards people who are actually moving, there’s still a lot of good ideas (over 100) for things to purge right now.

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2. Avoid these decluttering mistakes (that just about everyone makes).

common decluttering mistakes to avoid

These mistakes are so common, we had to write about them! From not picking a focused area to not disposing of clutter immediately, there are several key ways decluttering gets derailed.

Number 4 is one to watch out for!

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3. When in doubt, apply the 20-20 decluttering rule.

20-20 decluttering rule for making decluttering decisions

It’s not always easy to get rid of those gadgets, widgets and clothing items when they might be useful again in the future.

However, this simple decluttering rule will help you let go – without regret – of some things that can easily be replaced if needed.

You’ll want to read all about this simple rule and start letting go of clutter asap!

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4. Learn where you can donate your excess craft supplies.

donate craft supplies

If you’re like me, you’ll have a hard time letting go of craft supplies. Thankfully, it’s always easier when you learn about all the places that could be putting your unused supplies to good use!

Make a dent in your craft or sewing room today by finding places that will accept the supplies eating away at your creative workspace.

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5. Get accountability from a friend.

make decluttering easier with these 5 simple, helpful tips

Letting a trusted friend know your plans and check-in with you from time to time can be a huge motivator. They don’t even have to come into your home if you’re worried about that!

Simply having someone inquire about your progress will spur you along towards your decluttering goals.

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6. Know that smaller collections can feel more special.

how to declutter collections cover

If you’re a collector trying to build the biggest collection of things (dolls/coins/magnets, etc.) because it makes the collection better, you may want to stop for a second and read this.

In reality, reducing the number of items in your collection could actually make it more special. It’s what you deem worthy of keeping that adds to its value, after all!

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7. Decluttering puts money back in your pocket.

how to sell your stuff online without wasting time

Instead of trashing or donating your decluttered belongings, you can sell them for extra cash. If that’s not incentive enough to declutter your home, I don’t know what is!

You can sell your items at garage sales or yard sales, or quite successfully online if you use our best tips.

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8. A clutter-free bedroom helps you fall asleep easier.

bedroom clutter hotspots

It’s true! Studies have shown that extra clutter and mess in the bedroom can keep you from falling asleep as quickly as those with neat and tidy rooms.

For more restful sleep, keep those top clutter hotspots in the bedroom under control. Start with the bedside tables and work your way to the closet. And don’t forget the “chairdrobe” in the corner!

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9. Decluttering something you love might be necessary.

how to declutter something you still love when you're a sentimental person

It might also be for the best. The reasons for decluttering something you love start with the physical space aspect, but they also tie in the value of opening the door for something new.

Or, you may be able to pass the item on to someone who can love it even more than you.

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10. Don’t let other people clutter your home for you.

how to say no to unwanted clutter and keep a clutter free home

It’s totally fine to reject offerings of other people’s clutter. In fact, not letting stuff into your home in the first place is the key to maintaining a clutter-free home.

But when your mother-in-law is suggesting you take her heirloom China cabinet, you may need to do so with a little more tact.

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Ready to declutter in a big way for 2022?!

Join us for the Organize Like a Boss challenge, starting with a Kick-off Party on January 9!


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