Do holiday to-dos and obligations send you into a panic every year? 

Join me, Sarah Mueller, for the Done & Dusted Holiday Edition Planning Intensive, to enjoy your holidays without abandoning your

decluttering goals.

It’s all about being intentional.

Do Thanksgiving and Christmas seem to sneak up on you every single year? One minute Thanksgiving is ages away and you've got all the time in the world. The next minute the relatives are on your doorstep as you realize that the guest room is a wreck and the turkey's not going to thaw in time.

The holidays are supposed to be full of fun, family and friends. But for many people, November and December are actually the most dreaded months of the year. 

Do you bail on your decluttering work (and even let all that hard work go to waste) when November rolls around? Do you think you have to put it all on hold because of all the "must-dos" like extra cooking and baking, shopping, and visiting loved ones? 

Or do you realize that guests are coming NEXT WEEK and freeze up? The guest room is a wreck, the kitchen is full of piles, the mess stays put (or let's face it - it gets worse). Nothing gets done until the very last minute when you shift into overdrive, thinking, “Now I have NO CHOICE. I'll work like crazy now and after they leave I will crash.

Does your house turn into chaos between Thanksgiving and New Year's leaving you to face January surrounded by yet another mountain of clutter and Christmas leftovers? 

All the while you're hating yourself for waiting so long to clean up (again).  

This becomes yet more evidence that you can’t have a home that you love free from clutter.

Do NOT let this be you this year!

Lack of time isn't the problem; having a well-thought-out plan AND staying accountable to it is always the real issue.

But how do you create a plan that's big enough to be worth the effort without feeling like you have to work like a dog to achieve it? 

The answer is you plan smart AND start early. And, then, you stay accountable.

This is hands down the best planning tool for big projects.

Laura R - previous Participant

I did it! I finished my Done and Dusted Project in my garage right on time! Literally done and dusted!

I'm so proud of myself and of my husband for helping me so much through the whole project. This is hands down the best planning tool for big projects. The planning video, the workbook, working along with the group and their support and inspiration made it so do-able!

It feels so good to finally have the garage done! I’ve been wanting to clean it up for years, but it always seemed like way too much… Until I had a plan!

Thank you, Sarah, for this wonderful course. I will use the workbook and video for every big project we have in the future.

I'll show you all my planning secrets during the Done & Dusted Holiday Planning Intensive.

We'll make your plan together, live, on the call. 

Too many people hate planning because they are afraid of failure. Or they think setting a goal they can actually reach means they're not trying hard enough. 

Both of these are mistakes I can show you how to avoid with some simple tools.

By the end of the Done and Dusted Planning Intensive, you'll have made your plan and know exactly what you have to do without missing out on holiday joy or panicking because you waited too long.   

Decluttering sure has made blood pressure go down and having company less stressful.

Done and Dusted.  The weekend went smoothly with 6 overnight guests. (Two slept in their camper, but three guest rooms were used.  That wouldn’t have happened 3 months ago without this group!).

When everyone left, it only took 25 minutes to have Kitchen Zero.  I had prepared the breakfast casserole the night before and only had to put in the oven. Sister-in-laws brought fruit and we ate on the large front porch.

This morning I stripped the two queen beds and two twin beds and sheets are washed and back on the beds. Decluttering sure has made blood pressure go down and having company less stressful.

Jan S. - Previous participant

During the Done & Dusted Holiday Intensive, you’ll learn:

  • How to make smart schedules so you can prep for the holidays WITHOUT bailing on your decluttering and home upkeep
  • How to set reasonable goals for the holidays that you’ll love to achieve (but that won’t exhaust you in the process)
  • How to plan smart for obstacles and challenges instead of letting them derail you
  • Why NOW is the perfect time to do this work (don’t fall for the excuse that later will be better!) You’ll have the best of both worlds when you plan using our formula.
  • How to stay motivated and in action even when you feel paralyzed with fear
  • How to use the power of 10 minute miracle sessions to get things done even on the busiest of days
  • Learn how to turn obstacles that normally derail you completely into challenges that you are motivated to overcome
  • Make a plan for when those sneaky excuses crop up so you can stay on track without guilt

Instead of thinking "I always procrastinate - I just can't stick to a plan," let me show you an easier way

What does "Done & Dusted" mean?

"Done & Dusted" is a British expression that means prepared, primed or completed. 

When you finish this call, YOUR decluttering work will be "as good as done" because you'll have created a rock solid plan that supports your goal, your needs and the rest of your life. It will be "done and dusted."

My friend moved almost 2 hours away. She’s coming up for a visit and staying with a mutual friend.

She commented that she was going home a day early because the mutual friend couldn’t house her the last day.

Without hesitation, I said that she could stay with me that last night and not have to cut her visit short.

This is possible because my guest room was my Done and Dusted project!

This is possible because my guest room was my Done and Dusted project!

Kay H. - Previous participant

How to get this planning intensive for FREE

You'll leave this call with a complete plan in place to to prep for the holiday season. However, many of our members find that our follow-up accountability calls help them commit to the process and make any adjustments they need as they do the work.

When you purchase this planning intensive, you have the option to join the Organize My Home membership to get on-going support for your Done & Dusted Holiday plan AND get the call for free!

Because we want to make sure you can see this plan through to completion, we’ve got follow-up calls scheduled within the membership (including lifetime access to replays).

If you'd like to take advantage of these calls, please make sure to pick the membership option when you check out.

You'll also get all the other benefits of being an Organize My Home member including:

  • Get your problems solved and questions answered by Sarah Mueller and team on our calls and in the Facebook group
  • Live group calls up to 22 times a month - declutter with friends!
  • Checklists and training for any area of your home - grab a checklist and start decluttering
  • Warm and welcoming community - decluttering is no longer such a dreaded chore when you feel supported and understood

Done & Dusted Holiday Planning Intensive

with Sarah Mueller

October 27 from 7-9 pm EDT


You’ll get:
Access to the live call
A detailed planning guide
Call replay
Lifetime Access
30 Day Money-back Guarantee

Or join the membership and get the workshop for free!

*If you're already an OMH member, good news! This intensive is included in your membership.

If you struggle to find motivation, this call is for you.

It's normal to resist extra work, especially if you tend to leave things to the last minute. 

And, the more you procrastinate, the harder it gets to catch up. Don't let that happen to you this year. And don't let your house fall to pieces as you wrap mountains of presents and bake piles of cookies. You can enjoy these things AND keep the house looking good. It just takes a shift in how you look at things. 

This is what I'll teach you during this call. 

Let's make this the best holiday season yet by planning ahead. This way your inner toddler AND your inner adult will be happy.

More Success Stories from Past Done & Dusted Participants...

So... working in the basement on my 'Done and Dusted' decluttering,  has had a trickle down affect. I think I'm stuck in hyperdrive! Sarah Mueller I'm a decluttering fiend/hooked! Thank you!
P.S. This is what happens when hubby is gone on business, and I can just keep working!

Ginny S.

Done n Dusted is exactly that - done and dusted! I finished all my transcribing that I wrote in my plan and finished a few days early. I finished today. I learned so much as I did this and thoroughly enjoyed it. I would not have accomplished this amazing feat without this challenge. Thank you so much Sarah for this great tool! I can use this for a lot of other projects that I want to complete. 

Therese K.

Done and Dusted Milestone one complete.
Boxes set up for donation (bonus -filled and donated)
Go through boxes & bags in front of car - done
I can see progress, and it is only the beginning.

Jeanie A.

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