The Secret to Getting More Done in Less Time

Do you ever get frustrated and overwhelmed when you want to do something but can’t?

Whether it’s more decluttering time or more time to relax, there’s really only one way to get more things done in less time. Read on to find out the secret behind better time management.

planning to get more done

The Secret to Getting More Done in Less Time

We all have things we want to get done in life because they make us feel good. Maybe you want to declutter more, or maybe you simply want more time to relax.

However, many of us get frustrated because we run out of time and never actually accomplish those tasks. So how do we make it so we are more likely to get them done?


Yes, planning is the secret sauce to getting more done in less time – so that you can reach your goals and finish your want-to-do lists.

Before you instantly tap out of this discussion, listen to Sarah explain this whole concept in the video, or keep reading!

Why do we need to plan?

There are too many wants that may not happen without planning. This is especially true for the less fun or harder tasks in life.

The bigger the task, the more you need to plan!

Otherwise, they won’t happen on their own. You won’t end up with a downpayment on a house without planning, and you won’t have the best 2-week cross-country road trip without doing it either (or maybe you will…?).

You may not like to plan – at least not yet (keep reading), but do know that planning is the concept that’s going to make a difference with your time management and help you tackle more things on your want-to-do list.

Beware of the following planning pitfalls.

1 – Having No Plans

Maybe planning has not gone well in the past. You could have had the best-laid plans, but at the end of the day, something happened that threw them all out the window, right?

It’s completely understandable to get frustrated when that happens and to give up on planning altogether!

Unfortunately, having no plans because it’s too hard to manage is not going to help you achieve what you want in life. As mentioned before, some harder tasks simply don’t happen on their own.

2 – Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

On the opposite end of the spectrum, getting too excited with plans can also be a major pitfall. Making plans and goals feels really nice!

But when you try to achieve those plans and goals too quickly (like by next Tuesday), it’s simply not realistic. Instead, you crash and burn, again feeling disgruntled with the idea of planning altogether.

For example, you might say you want to declutter 10 boxes by next Tuesday. Yay!

But is that reasonable? When the time comes, will you actually want to do the work?

Does this plan set you up for success?

Sarah recommends setting smaller more achievable goals that you will actually do.

How do I get better with planning?

Did you know that planning is a skill? Because of that:

  1. You can learn it!
  2. It requires practice.

Sarah urges you to never give up if planning doesn’t work out at first. It may take several iterations and attempts to make planning work for you. Remember: It’s a skill that you’re honing, not something you’re born being good at.

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Also, do the following…

Write your plans down.

While this can make them feel like a commitment, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You want to have some sort of motivation to follow through.

Follow through!

This is the most difficult part of all! When life gets hard or something else presents itself, you need to stop and follow through with your plans first. Don’t get distracted!

How can I make planning more fun?

If planning feels heavy and overwhelming, here are some ideas to make it more of a fun and exciting process:

  1. Plan your work, but also make plans for your free time!
  2. Plan some rewards!
  3. Make a list that you can cross off (yes, it’s fun!).
  4. Use some nice paper, a notebook you like, and some pretty pens.
  5. Make it an event with some good music and favorite beverage.
  6. Go back and see what all you’ve accomplished and feel proud!
  7. Remember that everything on your list is optional; you put these items there because you actually want to do them!

When planning is more fun, you’re more likely to practice it. And when you’re better at planning, you’ll free up the time and energy you need to declutter and organize your home.

Alternatively, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your spare time!

Do you like to plan, or is it something you need to work on?

* * * * *

Need some more help with time management and planning?

​Check out the Time Management Workshop for help with scheduling and planning out your time so that you actually follow through!

Imagine – getting the exact same amount of work / tasks / to-dos done with an extra hour to spare!


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2 thoughts on “The Secret to Getting More Done in Less Time”

  1. Loved this planning advice! I’m a wing it person. I do make lists, & use groceries & errands, but all the things I need to do feel like “have to” dos & I feel resentful, plus the list is usually SO long! But I love to be impulsive too. So I may have to listen to this a few times to make it stick. My dad was a planner. He could be very rigid on trips, can’t stop, we’re going there, not here & there. Gotta follow the time schedule. So, yes, incorporating fun in the planning is important!


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