6 reasons clutter causes you to quit before you even start

If you don’t know why you’re procrastinating with decluttering, then how can you try to fix it?

This video discusses some of the common blocks that might keep you from clearing out that clutter, even when you know it’s a good idea.

You’ll learn:

  • 6 different scenarios where people procrastinate. You need to identify your own reason before you can decide the solution.
  • How to overcome your brain’s natural instinct to avoid change.

Watch the Video Now:

Once you understand the deeper reasons at play, you can finally overcome decluttering procrastination.

Do any of these reasons resonate with you? Let us know in the comments!


Learn how to overcome procrastination caused by clutter!


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7 thoughts on “6 reasons clutter causes you to quit before you even start”

  1. In the kitchen, I decided one drawer at a time to weed and clean. Success! Also I find if I set a timer for tasks, say 15 or 20 minutes, that usually works too. My mum, who was a neat freak, would take a large basket around to the living room at night and redistribute it to where each item belonged. Our home was “House Beautiful ” spotless!🤣🤯

  2. Thanks for this pep talk, listened twice. Needed.
    Emotional fog threatened to obscure my path. After quietly sitting down to listen, I realized I had made progress today:
    1. Done kitchen zero
    2. Took out the garbage
    3. Hung up towels & clthes to start drying while husband repaired clothes dryer, then used it, folded towels & next load is ready. “I can’t do….but I can do ….”
    4. Cleaned off a window sill & scrubbed the used vases, chose what to keep, then put away & what to give to a “budding”😊 young florist for her use.
    5. I even opened my scarey space laundry room closet, transferred clothes hanging on door hooks to the closet rod, removed the door hooks & was able to close the door!!!!
    3 loads of laundry done
    Supper & more.
    Thank you!

  3. Two houses have been moved into one. Most of the second person’s things are not available to them. The newcomer’s boxes are discombobulated. BOTH lovely persons had places cluttered to the point that not only did it FEEL really bad, but neither was functional.
    One person was OFTEN looking for necessary things. The other person thinks the WORST thing they can be asked to do is to help look for things.
    I cried the day the new items moved mostly into the basement. It was a small cry. It was spontaneous. It was the recognition of being overwhelmed. It was quiet, but it expressed the fear in my soul.
    A tiny tear has appeared in my eye again.
    Both people have huge medical problems and movement is neither easy nor pain-free.
    We can do this.
    I use the “just start”, 15 min ea., most days, one box, etc…I fail to make it a forever.
    I need extra help, but don’t have the finances to make that easy, and don’t know exactly who to ask to help me at a low/no cost.
    I feel small.
    I DO get that powerful feeling when I just start, but I slide back.
    Any comments may just be the one that helps that small me rise up and conquer the next box!
    Inside me, I still know I can. Please help me rise again!

    • Hi, Susan,
      I’m in a similar situation. My partner has attention deficit disorder (& sometimes I wonder if I have it, too!), So the decluttering is all on my shoulders. The idea of having 3-4 small boxes or baskets in the “storeroom” (my office), and sorting through ONE box, putting the items (mostly papers) in either: 1, Recycle, 2, Take to Thrift Store 3. Important enough to File; and 4. Trash; (and very rarely, 5. Something that should go into another room.) You have just reminded me, helped me to clarify, and inspired me to go to my office and set the timer!

  4. You are soooo practical and spot on!!! Thank you for helping us keep our ‘minds’ as positive and organized as possible. Those who are being negative and berating your advice are simply not listening to what you are actually saying. And, yes, I agree that they must have another issue that is troubling them. I always take a practical and doable suggestion from your videos and written pieces. Thank you!


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