Why organizing your family photos might be more urgent than you think

Family photos help us protect our precious memories, so they are easily some of our most prized possessions.

Unfortunately, anything before the digital age has a tendency to get neglected and become forgotten clutter. Those printed photos haphazardly fill up boxes and envelopes hidden further inside closets, basements, and underneath beds.

So how do you go about organizing your many (many!) family photos so that they are preserved, useful and organized?

How to start organizing your family photos - it might be more urgent than you think!

How to Get Started with Organizing Your Family Photos

We talked with Joanne Reeder, one of our Network Decluttering Coaches, all about this process.

Watch this video to find out:

  • what Joanne recommends people do before they even start (hint: It might have something to do with this.)
  • ideas for what to do with all those photos (some of these are quick and easy!)
  • why organizing your photos might be more urgent than you think
  • a quick trick to removing old photos from albums without damage

Joanne Reeder is a Canada-based declutter coach specializing in creating 10-minute decluttering plans and goals. Visit Joanne’s website to get all 7 steps to organizing your photos.

How are you going about organizing your family photos?


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1 thought on “Why organizing your family photos might be more urgent than you think”

  1. Hi! I have many questions; the most important one is about downsizing and moving. Where to start, how many of each thing should I be taking ex: towels, sheets etc.

    This is so overwhelming!



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