Genius Tips On How to Organize Your Sewing Room

Every sewing room needs organization. It can be hard to keep all the odds and ends together, but those tiny pieces are usually what make sewing projects end up just right. Learn how to organize your sewing room once and for all. 

organize your sewing room

There are a few things you can do to keep your sewing room organized and in tip-top shape so that it’s always ready to go.

While nothing will help you stay organized if you don’t have the time to put your things away, most people find it easier to stay organized with a few hacks. Like all good workrooms, a good sewing room inspires creativity and is easy to work in.

Organize Your Sewing Room Today

You will want to choose organization methods that really work for you, rather than just going with what someone suggests. You can browse many stores as you search for the perfect size of the box for your sewing supplies and everything else you have to create with.

how to organize sewing room

Store Fabric in Cardboard or Comic Boards

Fabric storage goes a couple of ways: a board or a bin. The Ikea cubicle bins work, but they make it a little hard to see the fabric. Many people like to wind their fabric over a stiff board or piece of cardboard, but there are always bins as well.

Wire bins make it so that your fabric is easy to see, though they are a little harder to stack. You can also drape fabric over file folders and “file” the fabric that way.

Organize Patterns in Ikea Boxes

Ikea cubicle bins are a great thing for sewing patterns because they fit two enveloped patterns side by side. These come in many colors to help keep your room looking bright and cheery.

If you wanted, you could even shell out for the whole cubicle shelving, especially if you’ve got a lot of patterns.

Use Proper Bobbin Boxes

Bobbin storage has a lot of hacks, but probably the best one is to just use a proper bobbin box. You can also choose skinny dowels to stack them with the corresponding thread spool. This is a big help if you have closely matched colors in several shades.

Store Buttons in Jars or Pill Boxes

Jars are a great catch-all for buttons because they are see-through. Large jars with lids can be found at vintage stores or garage sales, or sometimes online through a distributor. Occasionally, they can be found at the home goods store as well.

Pill boxes are another fabulous storage solution for buttons. You can get fancy ones at some stores, but really any old pill box or even a pill tray will work.

organizing your sewing roomRecycle Old Tables, Chests or Shelves

You can always search for special cabinetry or old chests at antique auctions as well. Everything from old apple crates to vintage sewing tables can be a way for your sewing room to get organized.

Consider refinishing the right table or shelf if it doesn’t match, or even shabby chic décor, if you feel like that, would work in your room.

sewing area organization ideas

Lastly, the old grid shelf is a simple but powerful tool for any sewing room. You can get these custom made in many sizes, or you can find them in antique stores. They work well for all the tiny items that a sewing room has.

As you search the stores and online, you may come up with many of your own storage solutions. Try collecting items that look inspiring and are also meaningful to you as you search for organization solutions.

Just don’t be a hoarder. You can go the mix-and-match route if that is your taste, but you can also try to match your organization materials. Either way, you will get more done if you love the way your sewing room looks in color and style as well as organization.


Author Bio: Helen Spencer is the editor of Hello Sewing, a blog providing honest sewing tips and sewing machine advice. She loves all things DIY- crafts, drawing, decorating, making beautiful things out of scratch with her own hands and above all – she simply loves sewing! You can catch up with her on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.


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7 thoughts on “Genius Tips On How to Organize Your Sewing Room”

  1. I’m in the process of doing just this – organising my sewing room. I’ve long wanted to get in there to get sewing, but the clutter before me was overwhelming. Every day I’ve been clearing a bit more and finally I am almost there.
    I wanted to just add, regarding buttons, altho’ I have saved many buttons, still in their little plastic zip-top bags, I’m thinking of stapling these to A4 index card and putting them in a ring-binder file, sorted by colour, as denoted by the various colours of the cards themselves. I’ll post the results – if I ever get that far!

  2. Being a crafter more than a sewer- I still relate to several of the organization ideas here. Overall- you have to determine how you work and then situation what you use most near you.
    Considering I work with paper mostly- but not exclusively, that’s they way I have to think about my space. What do I use most? That then needs to be nearest where I work (usually). Then determine display and storage from there.
    My problem is I kept organizing everything more than I was using it… now I’m turning that around. Even in my decluttering I’ve been able to take some creative time. I needed to create- it helps lift my spirits knowing it’s not all a disaster. But I’m getting a more management level of supplies. My rule right not is USE WHAT I HAVE before buying more! That’s a hard rule sometimes. But – it’s also a great challenge.

  3. My problem is that I have to share my sewing room with a guest room. So the queen size bed , which is very pretty when it’s made up, is in the center of the room, though it might only get used a couple times a year! And my workable sewing/crafting space is relegated to the outside walls of the room. Any suggestions?

  4. Hi to all, I’m in my 70’s and have a booth at Vendors Mall. The hard part is I love to do lots of things. A certified One Stroke (painting) instructor, a retired floral designer, a quilter and seamstress for 40 years. Plus a care-giver to hubby (married 54 yrs). He broke back 9/2020 and, even with a miracle surgery, he gave up. He has 3 beautiful street rods (custom cars) but will not work on them. I am lucky to have a 1 car garage, a 25 X 25 studio behind house and bedroom in house full of everything. I said lucky, but it’s stuffed with things. My paint spot is 2 ft spot with table covered in supplies, paint, etc. Sewing room had a shelf unit that collapsed and it stacked on a wall, an ironing board and sewing table. Mom’s bedroom suite is stuffed in there too. The garage is full of floral supplies, 2 motorcycles and my plants from Memaw’s funeral 2006. I guess so much is what stops me. Where to start. My booth sells pretty good with paintings, wreaths, sewing items and STUFF. My favorite is painting and I teach classes, and do custom orders, but I need ideas to store and organize. The blog is so great, cause I’m not alone. Thoughts for a plan are most appreciated and learning new things will boost my determination. I would hate to leave this mess for family. Health is good, but a disease called “OLD” is catching up with me. Thanks for listening and any directions would be greatly appreciated.


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