Sneak peek into our decluttering coaching calls

Decluttering brings up SO many questions!

What if you LOVE everything?

What if you spent a lot of money on a hobby? How do you manage to let things go?

What if you have to decide on a house full of things that meant a lot to your parents?

These questions may have you stumped but I promise – there are answers that can work for you.

Here are a couple 2 minute clips from a recent coaching call where I tackle some of the heavier questions.

Note: I’ve edited out the person asking the question for privacy reasons but we do a lot of back and forth discussion during these calls.

What if you find yourself leaving project after project unfinished? (2 minute video)

How do you decide what to declutter before a move? What if you spent a LOT of money on things? (2 minute video)

If you’ve wanted to make REAL progress on your home AND keep it from getting cluttered all over again, the Organize My Home membership can show you the way.

Click below for more details.

Tell me more! I want to have a home that feels great!

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2 thoughts on “Sneak peek into our decluttering coaching calls”

  1. I ordered but you must cancel if this is a monthly fee. I understood it was a one tome $27 but the bottom says monthly. I’m 84 & on fixed income & cannot afford monthly.


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