Declutter & Organize 4 areas of your home with me

Especially if you’ve tried and failed in the past to clean up your house and keep it that way.

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A cluttered home is hard to avoid, especially if you are a sentimental or creative person.

Our “one-click-shopping” world is like a tidal wave when it comes to loading up extra things in your home (even when it’s all good stuff!)

If you grew up with Depression Era parents or grandparents, it makes sense that you struggle with a lot of stuff. From the time you were born, you’ve been programmed to shop for the best deals, to not waste even the tiniest thing that’s still useful, to fix what’s broken and to be grateful for what you have. And, so you never let anything go. 

Of course this is the battle you're fighting.

It’s not your fault that your house is overflowing with stuff.

Human beings aren’t great at creating their own structure and accountability. 

No one tells you when to clean your house.

No one makes you spend the weekend decluttering the garage.

No one shows you how to keep your craft room from becoming a dumping ground.

And for the things that aren’t scheduled, something more urgent usually wins out.

The dog gets sick, you spend months on a volunteer event or you’re just so tired at the end of the day that you have no interest in tidying a cupboard or throwing away expired makeup.

And so over time the things in your home pile up.

You inherit precious belongings from loved ones who’ve passed away.

And your body protests when you try to pull an all-night cleaning session. Panic cleaning may have worked when you were 22 but at 62, it will knock you out for an entire week.

People don’t address the problem until an emergency forces them to (maybe a broken hot water heater, a pest infestation or the urgent need to host house guests) OR until someone passes away and the family is left to pick up the pieces while deep in the midst of grief.  

After 20 years of these patterns, you’ve got a REALLY big mess and no clue how to tackle it.

And even if you could tackle it, clear out the clutter and go back to enjoying your home again….

… you have no idea how to maintain it. Because even in later years, life hasn’t slowed down and wasn’t that the problem in the first place?

Living with clutter causes shame and isolation.

The women who seek me out only have company after hours or days of panic cleaning and hiding overflowing bins, totes and laundry baskets behind closed doors. That is, if they even allow anyone past the front door at all…

When you live in a messy, cluttered home, the LAST thing you want is for someone to discover what your home actually looks like. 

They won’t understand that you cleaned for hours just to get to that point or that you’ve already donated bags and bags of clothes. All that their curious eyes will see is what you haven’t done. They’ll notice the piles everywhere: papers on kitchen counters; clothes, vitamins, boxes and who-knows-what on the kitchen table, the bulging closets.

If you’re lucky, they’ll sympathize and say their home is a hot mess too; if you’re unlucky, they’ll roll their eyes and mutter something about hoarders.

Decluttering is a lifeline…


If you want to keep decluttering on your own, you need 3 things:

1. Structure
Don’t waste precious time or energy deciding what to work on. Structure is very hard to create for yourself, especially if you're overwhelmed.

2. Accountability to stay on track and finish what you started. To have effective accountability, you want to involve other people. 

3. Habits to get the work done automatically. The best habits are the ones that make your work easier.

Don't try to do this without help.

The Organize My Home membership will give you all 3!

Here’s how it works.

STEP 1: You’ll spend your first 28 days in our 28 Day Reboot program.

We’ll be there every step of the way with you, holding your hand and helping you through a big change in your home. 

And, the best news is that you don’t need a lot of time to do this work. If you can set aside 20-30 minutes a day, 4-6 days a week, you will easily “reboot” 4 different areas of your home. If you have more time, feel free to dig deeper. If you don’t, you’ll easily hit the highlights. 

We don’t start you off in the “big” group because we want to help you take 1 step at a time. You’re already overwhelmed enough; we don’t want to make it worse by giving you a firehose of information. So we work with you inside the “incubator” of the 28 Day Reboot program to help you gain momentum first.

STEP 2: Only after your first 28 days with us, you’ll graduate into the “big” group.

Now you’ve made major progress in your home and you’ve learned priceless skills (like our signature Kitchen Zero routine) that will make it easy to maintain the work that you’ve done. 

When you “graduate”, you’ll get access to the entire membership library. You’ll be invited to all of our group calls (18+ every month) where you can get help and support, declutter with friends, and stay focused and motivated to keep up with your home. 

Here’s more about how your first 28 days in this program will work:

#1 – Daily assignments give you structure.

Every day I’ll post a short assignment in our private Facebook group.

Login, read the instructions and do your assignment.

Report back in the group. 

Catch up with your team and your coach during your weekly accountability call.

Get even more motivated and equipped with the weekly bonus activities (see below!)

You’ll see the wins stack up day by day. 

The wins compound over time just like the value of a home going up over time.

It’s not rocket science, but it is magic when you do a little bit each day. 

We take Sundays off. 

#2 – Stay Accountable with a Team on Your Side

One of the biggest influences we see in our programs is the accountability that comes with being part of a group. During your first 28 days with you, you are invited to join an Accountability Team. 

After you register, you’ll select a team to join. Each team has a 30 minute group coaching call once a week. You’ll check in with your team leader (a Decluttering School Coach). 

You’ll be able to report on your progress, get help if you’re stuck, and enjoy camaraderie with your coach and with others who are doing this work in their own homes.

Tuesdays 11-11:30 am EDT with Selena Jones (9/27, 10/4, 10/11, 10/18)

Thursdays 7-7:30 pm EDT with Linda Bee (9/29, 10/6, 10/13, 10/20)

Saturdays 1-1:30 pm EDT with Julie Wobbe (10/1, 10/8, 10/15, 10/22)

Coaching Calls are recorded as are ALL calls except the two Decluttering Miracle Calls.
All calls and videos are closed captioned.

#3 - Build habits that will serve you for the rest of your life

I always tell my clients that they aren’t lazy; they just need better habits. Good habits are the fairy godmother of a clean home; the work gets done almost as if by magic. 

The habits that we build into this program are things that most of our community didn’t grow up with. Without these habits, housework and clutter is a HUGE struggle. Life is an uphill battle when you never learned the things that we’ll teach you. 

But the good news is that these habits are simple to learn and don’t take a lot of time, especially when you practice them in our group format. 

Your house will stay cleaner with less effort (I promise this is no exaggeration). 

You’ll surprise yourself by doing what we call “passive decluttering” without even planning to. 

You’ll start to view your home with new eyes and taking care of it will become much more automatic. 

You’ll have more time for crafts, for family, or for yourself.

During your first 28 days, we'll focus on a different area of the home each week:

28 day themes

Week 1: Kitchens
Week 2: Bathrooms
Week 3: Living Areas
Week 4: Bedroom Closet & Clothing

Plan to spend 20-30 minutes per task per day.

Plan to spend 20-30 minutes per task per day.

Member Wins

The accountability of the group to show up each day was incredible!

(permission to use anonymously)

The pace that we could work by following the steps given. I love the kitchen zero, using my timer to get a task done was excellent for me, this will be with me forever. The 28 reboot was exactly what I needed. A community of support and steps to become better  and enjoying and loving my home. I have more work to do, but this was a great start for me. I love our weekly calls,  and our daily post with before and after pictures... My life has being transformed.


I have absolutely LOVED the 28-Day Reboot!

Echoing so many of the above comments.  I have absolutely LOVED the 28-Day Reboot! So wonderful to be working in conjunction with others and seeing the progress that everyone has been making. It feels marvelous to say goodbye to clothes, kitchen utensils, makeup and a myriad of other items that are no longer supporting me and my current life.  So out they go! So freeing! Thank you once again, Sarah, Selena, Julie and Linda!

Enjoy these bonus calls to keep you motivated

Besides your daily assignments and weekly Coaching Call, you’ll be invited to 2 more calls to inspire motivation and tackle your assignments.

You will receive a link to a printable calendar for this course, so you can mark your calendar and not miss anything!

Bonus Resource

This bonus video training with printable notes will give you a desensitization protocol for dealing with a space or a room that causes you anxiety.

More Member Wins

If it wasn't for the accountability and the encouragement I probably wouldn't have pushed myself.

DB, 28 Day Reboot participant January 2022

Feels so good to have accomplished so much due to teaching and support that I never had the consistency to finish or was overwhelmed and got too discouraged. Thank you all for your help.


Past 28 Day Reboot Participant

What’s included when I join the Organize My Home membership today?

During the first 28 days, you will receive access to our 28 Day Reboot program:

  • This program will show you how to declutter and organize 4 "main" areas of your home (kitchen, bathroom, 1 living space, and your wardrobe) in 4 weeks. 
  • Accountability team and weekly group coaching calls
  • Private Facebook group
  • Printable workbook
  • Decluttering School Mastery Cycle prompts
  • Lifetime access to the materials 

After 28 days, you will receive access to full membership benefits including:

  • 18+ group calls every month
  • Decluttering Miracle Calls with our expert team leaders
  • Unlimited Access to the “Decluttering Made Simple” Vault
  • Special Themed Monthly Activities
  • 10 Minute Miracle Video Collection (hundreds of ideas for 10 minute projects to declutter your home)
  • “Fast Start” Video Collection
  • Printable Checklists
  • Time Management Workshop
  • ...and so much more!

Join the Yearly OMH option and receive a bonus 1-on-1 call:

For the first time ever, we are offering a BONUS 30 minute 1-on-1 planning call for anyone who signs up with the yearly membership. This call will be scheduled with one of our Decluttering Coaches after the initial 28 days of your membership.

During this call, you and your coach will work together to create a plan for your next steps in decluttering your home, so that you don't get overwhelmed or burnt out.

Continue your decluttering journey with the OMH Membership and 28 Day Reboot

Declutter and organize 4 areas of your home in 4 weeks with us

28 Day Reboot runs from September 26 - October 23, 2022

Join us in OMH membership & 28 Day Reboot

Your first payment is $297, then either $97/month or $997/year:

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  • BONUS: 10 Min. Miracle Video Library
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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  • EVERYTHING included in the Monthly Membership including Bonuses PLUS...
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  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Current OMH members can find a special discount link to purchase 28 Day Reboot separately in the OMH Resource Library on members.declutteringschool.com.

I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people find peace and freedom in their lives by decluttering their homes.

I want to share that feeling with you, too! 

Having an organized home is easier than you think when you use my simple tips and tricks.

Sarah Mueller

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