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Please note: all our coaches are operating as independent businesses. When you hire a Decluttering Network Coach, you are contracting directly with them. Decluttering School is not involved in the transaction and all questions regarding payment or delivery of service should be directed to your coach.

Meet Our Decluttering Coaches

Insights from Decluttering Coaches: Elisa Rasmussen, Julie Wobbe, Selena Jones, Danielle Smallwood

Insights from Decluttering Coaches: Karen Mace, Mary Stanton, Joanne Reeder, Linda Bee

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We've hand selected coaches that completed our Decluttering Coach Professional Training course to offer one on one coaching just for you!  

Take a look through our list of amazing coaches and visit their websites to find out more information.

Decluttering School Network Coach Linda Bee

Linda Bee

Decluttering, organizing and specializing in time management

• Professional Decluttering Coach
• Bachelor of Science in Business Management
• Masters in Management
• Completed Sarah Mueller's Decluttering School's Professional Decluttering Coach Program
• Decluttering Miracle Call Leader in Organize My Home Membership
• Experienced in Online 1x1 Decluttering Coaching Sessions
• All Sessions Top-rated by Clients
• Experienced in Group Coaching
• Specializing in Time Management

I have a passion for sharing what I have learned over the years about decluttering, organizing and maintaining your home. I love helping people find the answers best suited for them.

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Selena Jones

Specializing in Grief, Trauma and Seniors

I am a Mum, a Grief and Trauma Therapist, an avid crafter and a lover of books and dogs.

My passion is hearing people's stories and meeting them where they're at and helping them build a new skill set to reach their goals in their decluttering journey.

As we work together I will show up for you with humour, warmth and compassion and I will believe in you until you start believing in yourself. I'm really looking forward to sharing space together. 

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Selena Jones Network Coach
Decluttering School Network Coach Karen Mace

Karen Mace

Helping Australians and Kiwis declutter their homes

Karen is a Registered Counsellor and Provisional Psychologist in Melbourne, Australia who has assisted people to overcome obstacles and move past their stuck places for over 15 years. I have almost completed my own personal decluttering journey, clearing out the majority of my house. I trained as a Decluttering Coach with Sarah Mueller and I am now willing to help you move forward in your decluttering journey.

I work with people in Australia who work full time and want help to clear out their houses and spaces of too much stuff. If you need help in clearing off your benches, lounge, cupboards, robes, bedrooms or throwing away rubbish, I can assist you. I work with you via Zoom to establish where to start, form a plan, teach you skills to clear the clutter and then give you routines to keep those spaces tidy. I help you get to those tasks that seem impossible.

All coaching is offered over Zoom with additional help available if you live with a mental illness.

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Elisa Rasmussen

Decluttering at Every Stage of Life

In alphabetical order, Elisa's favorite things are Animals, Books, Children, and Decluttering, so her business name was an obvious choice. She's been a librarian and a child care provider, two areas where decluttering is crucial, but she still has too many books.

She has helped people downsize, clear out a parent's home, and even pare down to the bare essentials to move to Armenia. She's been told she has "a gift for helping people let go," but really, she just loves to hear your stories about your things and your experiences, and gets excited about figuring out exactly what you'll need for wherever you’re going next in life.

Because she lives next door to the middle of nowhere, she thinks decluttering via Zoom is the most brilliant idea ever, and she hopes to hang up a map full of pins representing decluttering clients all over the world.

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Decluttering School Network Coach Elisa Rasmussen
Decluttering School Network Coach - Joanne Reeder

Joanne Reeder

Specializing in creating 10 minute decluttering plans and goals.

I am a professional declutter coach and home organizer from Ontario, Canada.

My home used to be packed with stuff and a constant battle to clean or find anything. I was ashamed to have people over. In 2002, I started practicing decluttering for 15 minutes a day. In 18 months, I organized my home from top to bottom and transformed a hot mess into a harmonious home for my family.

In 2015, I founded Home Free Home Organizing and since then I have helped hundreds of women organize their homes. In 2020, I joined the OLAB challenge and was instantly hooked on the methods. My passion for organizing and wanting to help other women reclaim their homes, inspired me to enrol in Sarah Mueller’s professional declutter coaching program. What I love most about my job is helping women go from overwhelm and shame to a place of joy and control.

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Danielle Smallwood

No judgment, no shame, lots of success, even with life-long clutter, ADHD, or chronic pain

I'm a special needs mom to a toddler with Down Syndrome, a son in high school and a daughter in middle school. Yoga pants and tee-shirts are my uniform, reading and writing romance/fantasy is my escape, and the ocean is my happy place.

But my passion is helping people declutter.

SHAME about chronic clutter has defined so much of my life. Throw in ADHD, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia – I know first-hand how impossible decluttering can feel.

Our one-on-one coaching experience will be a judgment free zone where I help you create a specific vision for your home, define priorities, build motivation, and maintain accountability.

I'll be there cheering wildly for even the tiniest of successes that your family or friends didn't even notice. 

In the end, I'll help you create a home that reflects who you are, and holds space for who you will become. 

And I can't wait to start!

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Decluttering School Network Coach Danielle Smallwood
Decluttering School Network Coach - Mary Stanton

Mary Stanton

Declutter Your Space with Mary

My struggle with clutter began soon after I left teaching and began to fill my time with community related volunteer work and crafting. As the clutter in my home grew, I kept trying to find ways to organize what increasingly overwhelming. In 2020, I discovered OLAB and that experience has changed my life and my home. Organize My Home and the Decluttering Club taught me many skills which enabled me to declutter my home step by step.

When Sarah Mueller first introduced the Decluttering Coach Training, I was extremely excited because I knew that this was a perfect fit for me as it combines my passion for helping others with decluttering.

I've been where you are, surrounded with an excess of possessions, and have learned that removing items truly creates a more serene environment where you can grow and thrive. Nothing would mean more to me than to help you achieve the peaceful home you and your family deserve.

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Julie Wobbe (Julie CW)

Helping YOU create space in your life, your home, and your heart

I am a single mom living with my children affectionately referred to as the beans in Ontario Canada. We share our space with the sweetest bearded dragon, two adorable kittens and a baby rabbit. In my spare time you will find me in my happy places, our backyard, baking in the kitchen or listening to the waves at the beach.

Using everything I have learned throughout my own decluttering journey I will hold space for you. I will help you go from overwhelmed to encouraged, help you to stay motivated and share how I have been able to let go of the shame I had surrounding our stuff and truly love our space.

I would like to help you reclaim your space so that it brings you a sense of joy and calm through proven tips and gratitude.

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Decluttering School Network Coach Jule Wobbe

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