How much clothing do kids really need?

We just got back from vacation and we packed really light this time.

One small duffel bag for each person plus a couple extra bags with the good camera and a football. Stuff like that.

How much clothing do kids really need? If you're decluttering kids closets and need some tips or a printable chart for guidelines, this will help.

It was a big improvement over how we used to go on vacation!

When my kids were babies, it seems like we always stuffed the mini-van to the roof (and don’t forget the roof-top carrier!).

But now it’s easier to only take the bare minimum.

After all, my kids spent most of the time swimming in the river and riding bikes.

My 6 year old even proved himself a daredevil and jumped off the high dive – where did this kid come from?

Anyway, taking just the bare minimum on vacation (and loving it) reminds me of the free printable I’ve got for you today at Decluttering School.

It’s a chart giving guidelines for how much clothing kids need.

It’s got 3 categories – minimalist, moderate, and plenty – so you can decide what works best for you when decluttering kids closets and also doing back-to-school shopping.

People have been asking me for this kind of a printable so here you go.

How much clothing do kids need??

Get the printable here

We fall into the moderate category for most clothing.

How about you?


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