Don’t be fooled! You have WAY more time than you think

I went on a rant! If you ever find yourself moving slower and slower, unable to declutter or clean up or work on any project, this video is for you.

Feeling like you're going slower and slower? Here's how to take back that time (you have a lot more time than you think!) and gain that momentum to keep going.

Sometimes the slower we go, we end up doing even less.

The slowness makes us feel like we have no time. In actuality, we have the ability to change that momentum and probably get more done in an hour than in an entire day.

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Yes, you have way more time than you think, and this video explains why.

You’ll learn:

  • the one thing you’re probably doing wrong that’s causing the slowdown even if you’re trying really hard
  • what you need to do to get out of that rut
  • how to know when you should take a break and get some self-care and when you need to give yourself a kick in the pants and get moving
  • why you MUST start enjoying your home and your life NOW instead of waiting until you’re “done”

You’ll also hear the story of my very first car and why I almost ended up hitchhiking in formalwear. 🙂

Watch the Video:

Was this video the motivation you needed to get going?

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1 thought on “Don’t be fooled! You have WAY more time than you think”

  1. I found my brain can talk me out of everything if I hesitate for more than 5 seconds to get up and move.
    So I countdown 5,4,3,2,1 get up.
    Really helps.


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