Kids Printable Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Besides cleaning the kitchen and their bedrooms, I want my kids to be able to clean their bathroom.

This printable bathroom cleaning checklist helps them do just that – and without forgetting anything important in the process.

kids bathroom cleaning checklist - with free printable version that your kids can use to keep the bathroom tidy.

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How to Use the Kids Printable Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

All the steps are listed clearly in this checklist (so no more forgetting to take out the trash!).

If you want to make it easy, put this checklist in a safe and accessible place in the bathroom. It is wise to put this printable in a protective sleeve (or laminate it), and then place it inside the bathroom cabinet for easy access by the kids.

Or, you can store it with the cleaning supplies the kids will be using for this task. (I suggest putting together a simple bathroom cleaning kit they can grab and use in a pinch!)

The checklist is also organized by the type of clean your kids’ bathroom needs. You may be after a quick clean or a more thorough deep clean from time to time.

Make sure your child knows when they should be doing each type of clean.

kids cleaning the bathroom
Our bathroom cleaning checklist will have the kids taking charge of their chores.

Kids aren’t going to do chores perfectly.

With this checklist, as with any chores, it is critical to train your child properly so they know what they need to do for each step.

They certainly don’t care about sparkling bathrooms as much as you do. So make sure to be encouraging and positive and give them lots of praise. Make them understand that their contributions help out the entire household as well.

First thing’s first: You will need to walk them through each step of the cleaning checklist at least once.

Let them watch exactly how each task is completed, and definitely use the same equipment and cleaning supplies in the process.

At what age should kids clean the bathroom?

With a little practice, kids should be able to do at least the quick clean portion of this list independently by about age 7 or 8 (maybe even earlier).

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What about bathroom cleaning supplies?

I do let my kids use real cleaning products. My homemade all-purpose cleaner is safe for kids (although I make sure they understand how not to spray it into their eyes).

Our glass cleaner is made with water + rubbing alcohol + a couple drops of dish soap.

We use mainly rags for cleaning (and paper towels only for the messiest jobs) so there’s also training involved in getting the rags to the laundry properly.

Download the kids bathroom cleaning checklist

bathroom cleaning checklist for kids
Click to download your bathroom cleaning checklist!

It’s important that our kids learn how to do chores. A simple checklist can help with the whole process and make home life that much easier for everyone!

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4 thoughts on “Kids Printable Bathroom Cleaning Checklist”

  1. Thank you for the printable. Here is one idea from me.I believe every bedroom should have a laundry basket. You can store it in the closet, so it won’t be an eye soar. This encourages children to put away their clothing, that needs to be washed by themselves. As soon as I tell my children it’s bath time, they immediately remove their clothing and put it in their dirty clothes hamper. This keeps dirty clothes off of their room floor and bed.

  2. Gee, valuable advice in this article. I really missed the boat getting my kids tuned into cleaning and decluttering. They are now 23 and 25 years old and they dont even clean their bathroom!!!! Big fail on my part. My husband and I have just come back from a trip away. It is now a BIG concern that it was stressful for them to suddenly have too try and schedule all the mundane tasks into their busy lives – as when they leave home they will need to be able to be competent and be able to manage their time to run a home. Sadly, they wouldn’t co-operate when younger to do even the most basic thing like make their beds. No amount of bribery/money made any difference. I am feeling very much a fail in this department of their upbringing. Now it is nearly impossible to tell them how to do something as, of course, in their opinion they know everything or seem to prefer to go to YouTube for demos!!!! URRGGHH!
    I am wondering what the advice would be for dealing with 20-something-still-living-at-home sons (and a girlfriend who we have also gained) to get them to contribute to household chores and be able to brief them on how I would prefer things to be done (not some one else on the internet)?????


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