Join us for a Paperwork Scavenger Hunt!

How about a game to make processing your paperwork a little less painful?

Fill out the form below and we’ll send you the free Scavenger Hunt starting Monday, September 14, 2020.

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25 thoughts on “Join us for a Paperwork Scavenger Hunt!”

  1. Toss junk mail–check.
    Open the rest–check.
    Deal with the contents–not so much.
    I am beginning to tackle setting up files, but part of the challenge is that his tolerance for piles is greater than mine. We both tend to be procrastinating packrats–bad combination. On the bright side, he doesn’t complain about the mess!

  2. I was excited to do this today. I take care of my mother’s finances and hate this task. I usually wait til someone is bugging me about a payment. Not today!! I opened and threw out what need to be thrown out and made my paperwork to file pile. Awesome!! I did this before running errands so I didn’t have to anticipate this activity. And when more mail arrived I opened and was able to throw out what was not needed.

  3. All of my mail was already opened. That sure doesn’t mean it has all been filed, bills paid or decisions made on it however. I have everything neatly separated by categories. I have bills to be paid, statements to be filed, things under consideration and various, which is things I need to keep track of. It is a start!

  4. I already those two things it’s after that I need help with. My filing is terrible, What to keep and what not to?!!!!!

  5. I am overwhelmed- handling paperwork for two estates- so much paperwork from attorneys, and from the actual estates. Add that to my own normal volume… I keep putting it off, and think that if I get a scanner I may be better able to handle it all by making it ”electronic” and shredding much of it (except the originals that must be retained).

  6. I was on Facebook and tried to place an order, but it required a code number that I could not find oh, so I went to the website. I would still like to order, it was 80% off and everything cost $27. Can you tell me how I can do this. I have looked for an hour and a half for code number.

  7. I went through my pile of paperwork ‘to process’. Not urgent things but things I want to get done. Got too overwhelmed and went outside and pulled crabgrass. Lol. How pathetic is that?


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