Free Planner for the Get Organized HQ Online Summit

Did you hear about the upcoming Get Organized HQ online summit?

This summit brings together over 40 speakers (including yours truly!) talking about all aspects of home organization!

There’s only a tiny little problem…

Watching this summit next week will be a full time job. Update: Get Organized HQ is now over. But you can still buy in with an All Access Pass.

But I’ve got a solution for you!

I’ve created a planner that will help you decide WHAT you want to watch as well as focus in on what steps you’re going to take.

I know how easy it is to get overwhelmed and end up doing absolutely nothing and that won’t help you a bit.

Here’s what I recommend:

  1. Request your free planner below.
  2. I’ll forward you to the registration page (it’s free!)
  3. Consider upgrading to the All Access Pass (and I’ll send you a bonus – more on that below!)
  4. Check your email for the planner (it takes up to an hour to arrive)


In Get Organized HQ, you can watch talks on:

– how to keep your countertops and desktops free of paper piles.
– an inside peek on how some of the busiest women schedule their days
– effective meal planning tips to save time, energy, and money!
– break out of your yoga-pants rut and affordable style and fashion tips as you streamline your wardrobe.
-… and so much more!


BONUS ALERT! Get this Masterclass for FREE when you purchase

If you do decide to upgrade to the All Access Pass, I’ll send you a copy of my Stop Overshopping Masterclass.

If you find yourself drawn again and again to shop for things you don’t room for and you’ve tried everything to overcome it, you’ll love this novel approach that gets to the root cause of overshopping.

This is a $49 value but you can get it for free when you purchase the All Access Pass.

I’ll automatically email you this bonus the week after the event is over.





You can get the All Access Pass here.

Let’s get organized together!

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4 thoughts on “Free Planner for the Get Organized HQ Online Summit”

  1. This is such a great idea. I usually watch these things catch as catch can and wind up missing most of it. This way, I think will work much better, because I will have a plan to watch what interests me most and a time plan.


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