How to Make Spring Cleaning Easy

Does the very thought of Spring Cleaning make you shudder?

Spring Cleaning may not be something we look forward to. However…

We can choose how the experience will feel long before we lift a finger to do the task!

Let’s look at the rewards:

3 Rewards of Spring Cleaning

  1. The house feels renewed and clean
  2. The stale air of winter is replaced with a freshness
  3. A sense of pride in your accomplishment

Spring Cleaning Brings Opportunities

Change can give you a lift in your environment.

If you take the time and make the effort to move that couch or other piece of furniture, so that you can clean behind it or under it, then what better time to try that couch on the other wall!

Maybe you’d like to move your chair into the corner for a better view of your plants.

However, there is a small table or basket in the way. Be creative.

Can that item be moved to another location or even better do you still need and want that item or are you ready to let it go?

Think of the room as a blank canvas. What would you like to see there?

3 Tips to be Successful During Spring Cleaning

  • Complete all tasks in one room before moving on to another
  • Do the same task in each room first – for example: shampoo all the carpets in one or two days (this is practical if renting a shampooer)
  • Make a list of the tasks that need the most attention and do those first

Spring Cleaning can be just a few items or many.

Whatever you decide, try to avoid biting off too much at one time.

If too much of your house is in disarray at once, then it can paralyze your efforts.

Need some new ideas for spring cleaning?

10 Areas to Spring Clean

  • Windows and Skylights
  • Lampshade Dusting
  • Vent Cleaning
  • Oven Cleaning
  • Baseboards
  • Bathroom Drain Hair Removal
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Dust the Back of the TV
  • Vacuum Under and Behind Large Furniture
  • Vacuum the Upholstery

3 Easy Ways to Stay Motivated While Spring Cleaning

  1. Do you have an audiobook you have been wanting to listen to? Dust your lampshades while you listen.
  2. If you are doing something more physical like carpet cleaning, then use that in place of your daily workout.  You will use your muscles and save time all at once.
  3. Put on your headset and call a friend and catch up while you clean something. Before you know it, your task will be done and you will have nurtured a relationship.

Do it your way!  Give Spring Cleaning a try on your own terms!

Think of spring cleaning this year as an opportunity to put the sparkle back in your home.

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