How to fold shirts perfectly (5 styles on video)

Since I’ve just organized my closet, I’ve had some fun looking for videos about how to fold a shirt. Did you know there are almost 2 million videos dedicated just to this question?

Nicely folded shirts keep your closet more organized and your clothing less wrinkled. Learn how with these 5 different styles on video and start getting a perfect fold on your shirts.

1. The 2 second method to fold a shirt.

This one is more of a party-trick, but still fun to try. I can’t do it in 2 seconds – don’t judge!


2. How to fold a shirt like they do in the stores.

I love the nice, neat package this method produces! Doesn’t that drawer make you happy?

3. The KonMari method of folding shirts.

Super space-saving!

4. How to Army Fold a T-Shirt, Basic Training Style

Maybe I can convince my boys to use this style.

5. How to fold a dress shirt.

This method produces beautiful, neat results. Folding this way would keep clothing from wrinkling when you’re traveling.

If you’re really set on a perfect fold for your shirts, you can get a special board to make the job easier. After watching the video for the perfect folder, I have to admit that I want one myself!

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