19 Household Lists to Make Your Life Easier

Do you like lists?

I adore lists. They help me feel a little more in control in an otherwise busy and unpredictable household. Here are my top 19 household lists to make to simplify all areas of your life and home.

household lists

One of the first recommendations in a lot of time management programs is to do a brain dump of all the things you’re trying to remember. When you “empty” all those reminders out of your brain onto paper or some other form of a list, you free up mental space to be more productive.

I do this on a weekly basis during my weekly review.

Here are some of the most helpful household lists you can keep.

household chores list

      1. To-do list. Written, on your phone, or printed up and hung on the fridge.
      2. Kids chore list
      3. Pre-printed grocery list
      4. List of goals, long-term and short. Write it down – make it happen

        Cleaning Schedule Printable
        Cleaning Schedule Printable used with permission from Christin Slade
      5. Calendar (not really a list, but so critical to running a busy household)
      6. Personal phone directory/address book. I have mine on my phone, but I still like having a short list printed out and posted in the kitchen.
      7. Shopping list (for non-grocery items). This is a place to keep all those random things you want to buy but can’t get at the grocery store. Maybe it’s random things you need from Amazon, or order in bulk online (herbs and spices for me) or things that require a trip to a different store. Write them down when you think of them and you’ll be more efficient with your shopping, whether online or in person.
      8. Bill paying due dates. When are your utility bills, mortgage, credit cards, and such due? Some pretty forms here, here and here. Steps to a clean kitchen for kids
      9. Birthday list for family and friends. I put reminders into Google Calendar so remembering is easy.
      10. Favorite recipes 
      11. Weekly menu
      12. Books you want to read or movies you want to see. (I like to keep mine on Pinterest)
      13. Summer bucket list (inspiration here, here and here).
      14. Vacation packing list. So you don’t forget all those extra things you tend to miss on vacation.Do you have a dozen or more lists going to help keep your life in order? Keeping lists is one of my favorite ways to stay organized as a busy mom. See this list of lists (19 different household lists – cleaning, recipes, to-do lists, menus, etc.) with many free awesome organizing printables that will make your life easier. Because busy moms with busy families don't have any time to waste!
      15. Gift ideas. Jot them down now and you’ll be able to give a brilliant gift later.
      16. Morning or evening routine. Be more efficient by grouping short tasks together.
      17. Paint color record for the rooms in your home so you can do perfectly matched touch-ups.
      18. Babysitter instructions
      19. House preparation before vacation

What kind of lists do you like to keep?



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19 thoughts on “19 Household Lists to Make Your Life Easier”

  1. Thank you! when I saw this post, my first response was “Great!!” with a smile. Then I thought, “Great” with less enthusiasm as I am already behind on my tasks. As I looked through the list, I got my jive back. Thanks for posting!! I will be back to visit!

    • A long to-do list can be overwhelming, can’t it? Sometimes I re-write my lists when they’re getting out of control. That helps me get my motivation back. Thanks, Elizabeth!

  2. I LOVE lists!! I keep a notepad with a magnet on the back stuck to the side of my fridge for a shopping list. When someone uses up (or almost uses up) a food or toiletry product he writes it on the list. Makes shopping day MUCH easier!

  3. I’m a list lover too! The Books I Want To Read List is my favorite. I’ve got dozens of titles jotted down on Post It Notes everywhere. Thank you for compiling such a great list. Pinned!

  4. Thanks for sharing these wonderful List ideas! =)
    I have started putting together a Printed Grocery list, and just by having the list with me, it reminds me of what items that I need….even if I didnt put it on “the list”.

  5. I love making lists. I have online and handwritten ones that I am always merging and purging to make things easier. I am working on being more organized and lists help me more than they hurt me. These are some great list ideas. Thank you for sharing them.

  6. Change “lists” to “spreadsheets” and we could be twins! I also have a list of websites and my user name and password. I do this on a spreadsheet. I type up the website and user name, then I print it out and handwrite the password. 🙂

    • Thank you! Right now I keep non-grocery lists on a bulletin board in my office. I like to have them in sight 🙂


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