Should you have a house cleaning schedule? (Hint: Yes!)

Do you have a strict house cleaning schedule that you follow every day, week, or month?

You might be someone who finds the idea of schedules at home too much like work, so you take a more fluid approach to getting the cleaning done.

Would it be better otherwise? Should you have a house cleaning schedule? Let’s discuss!

Should you have a house cleaning schedule? Whether daily, weekly, or monthly, a house cleaning schedule helps you create a routine for keeping your home neat and tidy.

The benefits of a house cleaning schedule

You might be apprehensive to the thought of creating a house cleaning schedule… at first.

We all know that maintaining a home takes work, but actually assigning yourself tasks that need to get done at certain times can make home life feel overwhelming when you would otherwise want to be relaxing more.

It also has a way of making you feel a bit guilty should you not be able to complete your scheduled cleaning tasks.

Luckily, these downsides are overshadowed by the following benefits of using a house cleaning schedule.

1 – Makes cleaning brainless

We’re already exhausted from work and/or the myriad of other tasks taking up our precious time. The last thing we need is to have to think about the last time the bathtub was cleaned.

Or whether or not our toilets have been sanitized this week.

Having a cleaning schedule keeps you on top of the routine without needing to use up that extra brain energy.

When you know the days that certain tasks get done on the cleaning schedule, you can simply tick through the list and get your stuff done in less time.

2 – Keeps the cleaning from getting out of control

A clean house is easier to clean!

Yes, it’s the truth. When you stay on top of the cleaning by utilizing a schedule, your job takes less work to complete.

If you let things slide, on the other hand, getting your house back to a clean level takes more effort and energy – which further makes you more likely to continue letting the cleaning slide.

3 – Ensures you never forget the little (or big) tasks

Another perk of making the cleaning a more brainless activity!

When you have your own house cleaning checklist that you have to tick through at a specified time (like every week), you won’t forget certain tasks so easily (or let the certain tasks you don’t want to think about go undone for too long).

No one wants to mop, or dust the light covers, or wipe down all the door handles.

But for some reason, having them on a scheduled to-do list makes them more likely to get done. It’s also a great method for ensuring that you finish what you start. Agree?

Should you create a house cleaning schedule?
Creating a house cleaning schedule will provide both a routine and a designated list of tasks that help ensure you never fall behind on the housework.

What kind of house cleaning schedule should you have?

Daily, weekly, monthly… deep cleaning or simple chores…

The kind of house cleaning schedule you implement depends on your needs, your house size, the time you have available, and so on.

We recommend a simple weekly cleaning schedule at a minimum to help stay on top of the basic tasks such as vacuuming, laundry, and sanitizing key areas of the home.

Don’t forget that consistency plays a big role here. Doing a little bit more frequently maintains your cleanliness levels with far less overwhelm.

>> Check out this list of 10-minute deep cleaning tasks for inspiration of things to add to your house cleaning schedule.

How to create your perfect house cleaning schedule

Step 1:  List out all your desired cleaning tasks.

Step 2:  Mark down the frequency for which you’d like to complete the task.

Step 3:  Group the tasks into schedules based on desired frequency (daily, weekly, monthly).

Step 4:  Take your availability into account and designate your tasks into specific days if needed.

Step 5:  Get super organized by blocking time off in your calendar for your cleaning schedule.

Once you do this, staying on top of the cleaning will be a breeze. You’ll wonder why you didn’t make yourself a proper cleaning schedule years ago!

What sort of cleaning schedule do you keep?


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  1. I have an office space which is shared with my sewing room. This room overwhelms me as it not only has my office desk and sewing cabinets but also stock of my products for my network marketing business that is held in various containers on the floor. This room always looks messy and does my head in. From time to time I tidy the desk but I cannot seem to keep the rest of the room tidy to the point that I can work in there. There is always ‘to do’ sewing projects piled up around the room too. I would love a cupboard for all my stock but there is just not the room.
    Or I could declutter the garage and put a cabinet in there for my stock.
    The obvious suggestion is to get a larger room but that is not practical … OR … declutter!!
    Any suggestions gladly accepted.


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