The Very Necessary House Cleaning Checklist (with free printable)

Work through this house cleaning checklist every month and you’ll keep up with the most important cleaning in your house.

Print out several copies of this house cleaning checklist (scroll to the bottom of the post for it) and hang them on a clipboard. Then check things off as you do them.

A free printable (PDF) house cleaning checklist to help you keep up with everyday chores.

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House Cleaning Checklist

We’re taking the brainwork out of cleaning and maintaining your home by putting together this simple, easy-to-follow house cleaning checklist. There are different categories depending on how often these tasks should be done.

But use your own judgment! Every house and home is different, so feel free to use this as a guide for creating your own printable checklist.

Make your printable checklist reusable! Insert your printable into a plastic page protector and use a whiteboard pen to check off your work as your go.


 Do laundry (laundry tips here)
 Put away clean clothes
 Clean up the kitchen
 Run dishwasher
 Tidy main living areas
 Children tidy their bedrooms
 Sort the mail
 Take out the trash
 Spot clean bathrooms
 Make beds
 Clean out school backpacks

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 Throw out old food
 Wipe up spills in the fridge
 Vacuum all floors (my absolute fav vacuum is here)
Clean bathrooms
 Wash towels and sheets
 Mop hard-surface floors
 Clean glass doors
 Spot clean windows and mirrors as needed
 Tidy less-used living areas
 Water houseplants
 Grocery shop
 Sweep porches and patios

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 Clean out the fridge
 Dust
 Check and change vacuum filters
 Declutter an area
 Clean out your car
 Deep clean one bathroom a month
Declutter school papers and other paperwork
 Straighten items on bookshelves

Less often / as needed

 Clean inside kitchen cupboards
 Clean the oven
Clean the dishwasher
 Vacuum under couch cushions
 Clean light switches and outlets with damp cloth
 Move furniture and vacuum underneath
 Rotate mattresses
 Clean the garage
 Steam-clean carpets
 Wipe baseboards clean
 Dust blinds and wash curtains
 Dust lampshades and picture frames
 Dust ceiling fans
 Declutter and tidy storage spaces

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house cleaning checklist printable
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Save More Time While Cleaning Your Home

A good checklist is just the beginning! Here are some ways to make the cleaning process a little easier and quicker:

1 – Get your family involved.

Getting everyone to chip in will make a huge difference. Need tips for giving out tasks to the kids? Here are some age-appropriate chores for children.

2 – Find the best cleaning hacks.

Even a few will help you to save some time. Here are our favorite kitchen cleaning hacks to get you started!

3 – Create a schedule and stick to it.

When you know when you should be tidying up your house, you’re more likely to make it happen. Put it in your calendar. Or create a family cleaning schedule and post it in your household command center.

4 – Time your tasks.

It might sound tedious at first, but knowing exactly how much time it takes to do the dishes, put a load of laundry on, or take out the trash can help you to become more efficient.

And instead of putting off something until later, you might be able to convince yourself to do it now… because it only takes 3 minutes to do!

Learn more about time management in the home here.

Looking for more? Check out these printable spring cleaning checklists:


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6 thoughts on “The Very Necessary House Cleaning Checklist (with free printable)”

  1. Thanks for the checklist! I was looking for one to help me be more organized when doing house cleaning. Thanks for sharing! I will definitely take a look in ePantry! They have great deals on cleaning products there!

  2. This is what worked for me. Get a large notebook and designate one page per room in your house. Make a list of each chore that needs to be done in that room or area. When you’re done with the list, type it on your computer, save it and print it. Once you update and finalize the list, print several copies. I give this list to my kid every Thursday and the chores listed needs to be done before she goes out Friday night. If the chores are not done, she can’t leave the house. Some chores needs to be done weekly, some every 2 weeks, and some monthly. Just write everything down and cross out the chores that don’t need to be done. Or print another list — whatever works for you. I give her 1 sheet and the chores are listed on both pages with each chore listed per room.

    Some of her chores are tidying up the living room, dining room and kitchen. We have 3 bathrooms in the house and she is in charge of keeping one bathroom sanitized and clean. Also vacuuming the living room and dining room.

    Try this. It really works. It minimizes the stress of nagging your kid to do her chores.


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