When to Hire a Professional Decluttering Coach: 4 Situations That Make Sense

Does the idea of hiring a professional decluttering coach feel funny to you?

Hiring a one-on-one coach might not be for everyone, but chances are that if you’re reading this post right now, you have clutter in your home that you are trying to manage.

And for that, we definitely see the benefits of looking for outside help. There’s a lot that a decluttering coach can do for you that you can’t do alone, after all!

hire decluttering coach

Still on the fence with the idea? Here are 4 specific situations where it makes perfect sense to hire a professional decluttering coach.

1. You’re on a Deadline

A pressing deadline is excellent motivation to get your decluttering projects underway.

But when you have a lot of stuff to manage, hiring a professional decluttering coach may be the best way to ensure it gets done.

Deadlines come about for several reasons:

  • You’re moving house (or downsizing) and want to save time and money on the process
  • You’re selling your house and want to showcase the house and not your clutter
  • You’re renovating or remodeling your kitchen/garage/house
  • You’re hosting family for the holidays (and don’t dare want people to see your house in its current state!)
  • You simply want to have the job completed before summer break/vacation/your birthday, etc.

Whatever reason it may be, a decluttering coach can help you stay focused and set up a plan to meet your deadline.

2. You Feel Stuck or Overwhelmed

When you have a large amount of clutter, decluttering can feel like such an impossible, overwhelming task. You simply may not know how or where to start.

Or, perhaps you’re getting stuck with certain parts of the process, such as decluttering sentimental items or items you spent good money on and might come in handy someday.

We see these issues all the time.

A good decluttering coach will alleviate those feelings of being stuck and overwhelmed by assessing the situation and providing a clear plan for progress.

We believe in taking small, actionable steps here at Decluttering School, by the way! It’s the least overwhelming way to handle a difficult decluttering project, and it also makes it easier to handle emotionally.

Check out our book and workshop, Step-by-Step Decluttering, in the shop!

too much stuff hire decluttering coach
When you simply have too much stuff, it might be a good time to hire a decluttering coach.

3. You Prefer One-on-One vs. Group Coaching

There are plenty of group coaching options and Facebook groups where you can get support for your decluttering projects. However, they aren’t for everyone.

Maybe you’re a private person. Perhaps you’re looking for more personalized help.

Or, maybe you just don’t feel comfortable sharing your clutter issues with a group.

We get it. Feelings and emotions can be tied to our things, as well as our struggles to let those things go.

It can often be more comfortable to share our decluttering journey with a single, trusted coach.

4. You Have So Much Stuff

In this case, you might even know what to do, but you simply have that much stuff that outside help is necessary.

A decluttering coach can create a plan for your project, provide accountability to get the project done, and give you that gentle nudge whenever things get tough.

They’re pretty helpful like that!

The Beauty of a Decluttering Coach

“You can’t read the label from inside the jar,” as the saying goes.

The beauty of a decluttering coach is their ability to look at problems with fresh, unbiased eyes.

While you might be stuck in the middle of this overfilled jar, so to speak, a decluttering coach has the outside perspective that can make decluttering SO MUCH easier.

Simply having someone with you to ask questions or walk you through a process provides the confidence needed to let go once and for all.

If you’re wanting to hire a professional decluttering coach, be sure to check out our Decluttering Coach Network!

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