How to free up wasted energy so you can get more done

What little things are you tolerating?

Is it a box on the floor, unfinished paperwork on your table, or maybe even a hole in the wall?

In this video, I’ll tell you why ignoring these little irritations in your life is costing you way more than you realize.

Watch the Video:

After watching the video, try to take action on some of these tiny irritations and see what happens.

You might be surprised by the amount of mental and physical energy you’ve just freed up.

Now imagine what else you can get done with that momentum moving in the right direction!

Start decluttering with us today using the Step-by-Step Decluttering Workshop!

Learn how to make big changes from small actions – and remove some of those tiny irritations relating to clutter at the same time.

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4 thoughts on “How to free up wasted energy so you can get more done”

  1. I need to vacuum around the border of a new lanai. It is actual dirt but don’t want to vacuum with my good one. I want to use shop vac I have but it has been packed somewhere and just don’t go find it!

  2. My entire house needs a complete cleaning out so I ignore it and go shopping and bring even more stuff home – to the garage, now!

  3. Light fixture in bathroom doesn’t work;
    tub leaking into the basement;
    fixture and ceiling fan in kitchen quit;
    neighbor never returned to add the switch to the newly-installed garbage disposal;
    library is exploding with boxes of books;
    flooring in front of the dryer is flaking off;
    25-year house paint only lasted 11 years;
    free-standing wall in bathroom needs shored up;
    wallpaper bought for the parlor is still on the floor waiting to be put up;

    • I have things like this too. I never finish stuff. I postpone whatever excuse of the day. I m committing to pick one thing and finish it.


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