Start with Heart: How to Find Your Why to Make Decluttering Easier

If you have trouble finishing the decluttering tasks you are constantly starting, it could be because you haven’t defined your why.

Without a good why, you simply won’t have a reason to do the hard work. So find that why!

To help us all with this process, we chatted with Danielle Smallwood, one of our Decluttering Coaches, who is determined to have her clients start with the heart and find their why when decluttering their homes.

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How to Find Your Why for Decluttering

When it comes to doing tasks, there are 3 main areas we can focus on: the why, the how, and the what.

We tend to start with the what, which can be the tools and challenges used to get the process done. So, we may have a goal of decluttering our wardrobe by removing at least one item every day.

The problem with focusing on the what is that things can go great until you get busy. Then the simple task of removing one item a day can go by the wayside.

Why would you make the extra effort to declutter at that point without a good reason?

That’s where the why makes all the difference!

Listen to Danielle Smallwood describe the whole process of finding your why in the video interview:

Danielle Smallwood is a decluttering coach with a mission of combatting clutter shame. Learn more about working with Danielle on her site.

The Importance of the Why

The why helps you to dig deep and find the real reason for decluttering your home. It speaks to your heart, giving you the motivation to do the hard decluttering work when the going gets tough.

Here are some examples:

  • Option 1: You want to declutter to save 5 minutes in the morning finding your keys.
  • Option 2: You want to declutter to have the space to breathe, relax, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

In the 2nd example, there is a bigger purpose to the decluttering process – and that will be what makes you more likely to finish your projects, even when time is limited.

So how do you find your why?

Step 1: Visualize Your Perfect Day

We’re not talking about your ideal holiday in the Bahamas. You need to visualize how you want your every day to go in your home.

  • What happens in your day?
  • How would it be easier without clutter?

Step 2: Set Intentions for Each Room

After visualizing your day, it’s a good idea to go into each room to really define what that space will be used for in your home.

When you are doing this process, it helps you to understand your priorities in your daily life.

These tasks will help you to define the why in your decluttering process, making you more likely to finish the tasks at hand!

Need more help getting the motivation to declutter?

Check out this post on 10 unusual ways to get motivated when stuck. Or, this post on decluttering when stuck at home may be helpful.

Have you defined your WHY for decluttering?


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