“I want to declutter, but I don’t want to fill up the landfill”

If you’re worried about filling up the landfills, I commend you.

This is a GOOD thing! I see your concern for our environment and our future.

The problem is, we’re not saving the planet by thinking like this.

And the dirty little secret is that we’re actually doing MUCH more harm than good when we approach it from this angle.

Watch this video to understand how worrying about the landfills may be stopping your decluttering process AND having a bigger negative impact than you realize.

I’ll also share some ideas for where you can take your clutter when you’re ready.

Watch the Video Now:

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Overcoming fearful thoughts so you can declutter better


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1 thought on ““I want to declutter, but I don’t want to fill up the landfill””

  1. Truth! The thought of adding to the landfills caused guilt and anxiety, and yes made me shut down. When I realized if I didn’t overcome this obstacle, then my kids would be faced with dealing with the stuff which would still end up in the landfill. I dug deep, dug in and now tackling years of stuff. I also had to overcome the guilt of disposing of things that my mom held onto for years and passed to me. I am now less anxious, motivated and empowered. The weight has been lifted.


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