Favorite Command Center Supplies

If you have a command center, you know it’s an absolute life saver!

If you’re thinking about creating a command center, here are some of our favorite supplies.

Having fun accessories makes it more likely that you’ll use your command center so don’t be afraid to invest in things that you love.

For your command center, we recommend:

  • an inbox
  • some kind of calendar (either pre-printed or write your own on a whiteboard)
  • baskets or pockets for short-term filing
  • a place to write notes (chalkboard / whiteboard / notepad)
  • spots for other useful items (pens and pencils, scissors, keys, sunglasses)
  • fun and attractive decor (artwork)

Affiliate links are present.

Colorful Wall Calendar (just $5.99!)

These are so fun! Chicken wire baskets

Adhesive Whiteboard “Sheets” – create a whiteboard on any surface

Add some fun printables to your command center

Want more help with your paperwork? Click below for more suggestions.

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4 thoughts on “Favorite Command Center Supplies”

  1. Hi
    I signed up for a workshop and immediately had something come up. I don’t even remember the name of it but it involved the mass of paper that seems to clone itself. Can you find where I’m supposed to sign in. Eva Purdy

  2. This sure is a major problem. First I might say when $$ were in the bank bills were paid. Since other health issues etc $$$ went there. Now here’s a stack for the month. But not enough $$$ to take care and file by month . piles get shifted. Sorted. Shifted again bagged set aside ready and waiting … Further behind


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