Help! I’m embarrassed by my clutter

Ever kept someone out of your home because you were embarrassed by the piles on the kitchen table?

Or maybe you felt your face flush with shame because the cable guy raised his eyebrows at you when he saw the cluttered “catch-all” room that he had to work in.

I have a new way for you to think about all that stuff.

Being embarrassed by clutter can greatly impact your quality of life. Learn a new mindset shift that will help you move past the shame and help you address the issue once and for all.

How to Deal with Being Embarrassed by Clutter

It’s not easy to deal with the reality of a cluttered home. There’s definitely a stigma that is attached to letting stuff get out of control.

People may see you as lazy. You might see yourself as lazy!

So letting others into your home can become emotionally and psychologically jarring.

(If you’re not inviting people over to your home because of all the stuff, it’s definitely a sign you need to think about decluttering.)

Watch the video below and see if it doesn’t give you a completely new perspective (and maybe a little motivation 😉).

Key Takeaways from the Video:

Stuff is just stuff.

Too much stuff is not a problem until we make it mean something – something about us as a person. Perhaps it makes you feel like a terrible person.

But guess what:  It’s just stuff, and you are not a terrible person.

Don’t hide it.

Hiding something creates the shame that is keeping you paralyzed. When you share that secret, you can realize it’s not a big deal (it’s just stuff!).

It also frees up the energy to actually deal with it once and for all.

Laugh about it.

Want the perfect way to diffuse a situation where someone comments on your clutter? Agree with the person and laugh it off!

Again, the clutter doesn’t have to mean anything bad unless you give it that power.

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Take Action

If you’d like to get a handle on all that stuff, here are a few ways to get started:

Join us for the Organize Like a Boss challenge!

This challenge happens several times a year, so be sure to get in when you can. (Or join the waitlist.)

Check our Step-by-Step Decluttering!

Available as both a workshop and a free print book, this course will have you making big changes to your home in small, actionable steps.

Hire a Professional Decluttering Coach!

Sometimes we need a little bit more motivation. A decluttering coach can help you take the shame out of too much clutter and finally finish those overdue decluttering projects.

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21 thoughts on “Help! I’m embarrassed by my clutter”

  1. YES! What if you said, “Yes, I have been doubly Blessed in my lifetime!” Then you are making it a good thing instead of just not a bad thing.

  2. Feeling ashamed and worried about what others will think isn‘t motivating or helping me at all. I love your direct agreement with what others say. This is brilliant. And very disarming!

  3. I’m confused again, Sarah! It seems I get screwed up every time! I am wanting to find all of the events you are doing, the new OLAB

    • Hi Linda- I see you in the challenge group – you’re already in! Once you buy this challenge, you get to do it over and over as many times as you like. I’ll tag you in the group.

  4. I have a different login on Facebook so I couldn’t sign. Please help me! I bought the course as well as the workshop/workbook.
    My login at Facebook is XXX while the login for your course is:

  5. I signed up last week and thought the charge to my Visa was completed; watched for my e-mail on Sunday but it didn’t come and I was disappointed to get nothing in my email box this morning. Don’t know what happened. Please check to see if my registration was completed. Thx.

  6. This would be an absolute life changer if I could do that. I just turned my friend away recently who wanted to stop by spontaneously- because she had her kids with her & they make comments & I’m so embarrassed/
    ashamed. ????

  7. I feel a sense of calm with this video. But I’m not sure about how the clean like a boss operates…special time if day that I have to be available? I still assist my husband in his office out of the home and I am available different times on different days. Can this work for me? Also, I have been trying out my decluttering skills in our garage as we are getting new doors and both cars are out in the elements. I have already gotten rid of tons of trash and sorted through plenty of photos that can be kept or tossed as they were disintegrating from being with mice, water, etc. I am proud of what I have accomplished there, but the house still suffers. So, can I do the Boss thing on my schedule do I have to be someday a specific time? Thanks for your help! MH

    • The videos are all recorded so you can certainly watch them at your convenience. However, the lessons are only available during the week of the challenge in order to encourage people to take action. The Q&A videos remain up for a few weeks longer.

      I hope that helps – we’d love to have you! Also, if you do join, you get access to repeat the challenge in the future at no additional cost.


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