The mission of Early Bird Mom is “Helping {busy} moms get more done.”

What mom isn’t busy? Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, are working full-time, or somewhere in between; whether your kids are itty-bitty or towering over you; the heart of the home is always mom. You may love your kids, but being mom can also be exhausting, mundane, and even frightening at times. How in the world is one person supposed to get it all done and still have a little time to just breathe?

Well, it’s not easy and there will be days when you feel like you’ve totally failed. The good news is that there is grace for weary mothers and no one has to be perfect. If you’re trying to be perfect (and find that you’re failing), please take a step back and unload that impossible burden.

Mom – you are doing such an important job; probably the most important one you’ll ever do.

It may not be popular in today’s culture to value the unpaid and unsung job of a mother, but it’s truly one that no one else can do for your children and one that will have the most lasting impact on them.

Now that we’ve talked a little about the trials and challenges of motherhood, let me assure you there is hope!

You can learn to get your kids dressed and out the door on time in the morning (at least most of the time. You can learn how to keep the house (mostly) clean, at least for a while. You can learn to manage your money so that it works for you.

I want to help you:

  • find ways to fulfill your responsibilities and commitments more quickly and with less work
  • learn about healthy (and frugal) ways to feed and take care of your family
  • make your household budget go farther
  • encourage you in your role as mom

At Early Bird Mom, I write about:

I’m so glad you stopped by. I hope the information you find here brings you encouragement and new ideas. You can read more about me here. Feel free to drop me a note at sarah (at) earlybirdmom (dot) com.