30+ Places to Donate Your Surplus Craft Supplies

Anyone else have an abundance of craft supplies? What about unfinished or abandoned projects?

Sometimes when craft supplies are collected, they may be incorrect for the task at hand or part of an old hobby that no longer serves us.

So… What to do with all the excess craft supplies and tools you’re decluttering?

We asked our community to give suggestions on the best places to donate surplus craft supplies and tools. They responded in a big way!

Types of Craft Supplies You Can Donate

It really depends on where you’re donating as to what you might like to give away. Think about extra yarn, knitting needles, paints, paintbrushes, cardstock, beads, glue, scissors, etc.

If you’re donating to a school or classroom, you could even get creative and put together individual craft packs for the students. But… that’s something that does take time.

If you’re in the throes of decluttering, don’t make it that difficult 😉

As with anything you’re donating, make sure it is actually in usable condition. Things that are close to being scraps or damaged should not be donated.

The receivers on the other end may be volunteers who simply don’t have the time to sort through “junk”.

How to Donate Your Excess Craft Stock

We recommend calling ahead to any of these groups before dropping off your extra craft supplies. Make sure they are actually open to donations as well as what exactly they’re interested in.

They may not need or want what you’re offering at the moment, so it would be a waste of time to arrive and have to leave immediately with your supplies still in hand!

It’s also important to find out the procedure for donating.

30+ Places to Donate Your Surplus Craft Supplies

donate craft supplies
If you have a bag or basket of excess craft supplies, here’s where you can donate them.

1 -Libraries for after-school clubs

2 – Group homes for developmentally delayed adults

3 – Boys & Girls clubs

4 – Freecycle.org

5 – Local Teachers

6 – Domestic Violence Shelters

7 – Public or private schools

8 – Churches

9 – Sunday School Groups

10 – Preschools

11 – Daycares

12 – Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts

13 – Community Centers

14 – Nursing Homes

15 – Assisted Living Centers

16 – Crayola Color Cycle for dried up markers

17 – Local Art Councils

18 – Thrift Stores

19 – Buy Nothing Groups on Facebook

20 – Community Theater Groups

21 – Habitat Restore

22 – NextDoor.com

23 – YMCA’s

24 – Art Museums

25 – Prison Systems

26 – Homeschooling families

27 – Local Council on Aging

28 – Summer Camps

29 – Pickupplease.org

30 – Recreation Centers

31 – Givebackbox.com

32 – Children’s Hospitals

33 – Facebook Marketplace

Need more help decluttering and organizing your craft space?

donating your craft supplies

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Where else have you donated surplus craft supplies?  Any we missed?  Let us know in the comments below.


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17 thoughts on “30+ Places to Donate Your Surplus Craft Supplies”

  1. some rescue squads accept stuffed animals or dolls to give to sick kids. They must be clean and put in plastic bags to keep them clean until used.

  2. I can not think of the organization but they take donated flowers from weddings, funerals, and other occassions and they repurpose these flowers for Nursing Homes and others in Hospitals that need a little cheer. They can use things like vases, ribbon, baskets, and many other craft supplies you may have….

  3. The Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle has this wonderful place called Seattle Recreative. They take all sorts of craft and non craft items and sell them for a fraction of what you would pay at a store. I took my granddaughters to get materials for their Halloween costumes. I spent about $6.00 for materials for two costumes. They are a non-profit and do classes and camps as well. They have programs to give supplies to teachers for free.

  4. Hello, Where can i donate unfinished needlework projects?
    My mother died, they are hers and I can’t just throw them away.
    Thank you

  5. Hello,
    I reside in Monroe Township NJ and have many crafting items I will no longer need.
    Please let me know a specific address I can donate these items. There are many useful items from whole spools of sheer ribbon to brand new unpainted birdhouses.
    Thank you,
    Gail H

    • Those are great items to donate. Unfortunately, we do not have specific resources for your hometown. I would personally try googling donation centers in your town.

  6. There used to be an organization which sent scrapbook supplies to US servicemen and women overseas because they could not get them in their locations. Does anyone know if this still exists? I would gladly pay the postage to send my leftover supplies to service people.

  7. I need to get rid of 60 plus containers of craft supplies, I have to move and have no plce for it. I live in Huntington Beach, CA where can I donate it. A lot from Hobby Lobby and Dollar Stores.


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