3 things to do with your kids after school

After school is my favorite time of the day. The morning rush is over, my kids arrive home one at a time and I get a chance to chat with them one on one. Dinner time is still a couple hours away. Here are 3 fun things to do with your kids after school.

fun things to do with your kids

I have only 3 requirements for the after-school time block. If we get these 3 things in, I feel like the afternoon has been a “success.” None of them are hard to do and they help me to reconnect with my kids after they’ve been away at school.

3 fun things to do with your kids

things to do with your kids

1. Connect (like really connect).

After school, I try to give them my full attention. We talk about their day and mine. I want my kids to look forward to coming home and seeing the rest of the family. Even if it’s only a few minutes after school, the time to connect is important.

Put your phone down, step away from the tv and just spend time together. Give them your full attention to share about their day.

2. Discuss reminders for the rest of the day.

I don’t like to spring chores or other activities on my kids. I don’t think it’s fair to them and I hate having to rush them. So if I need them to do something, later on, I’ll let them know right after school.

These reminders are usually things like:

  • Don’t forget, we’re leaving for soccer practice at 5.
  • Do you need to do your laundry today?
  • Is there anything special you need for school tomorrow?
  • Please plan to take the dog for a walk before dinner.

3. Give them a snack.

I don’t know about you, but when my kids descend on the house after school, they are hungry! As in hangry hungry! As in I think they could devour the kitchen like locusts if snacks are not to be found and quick. The after-school snack is non-negotiable.

I’ve just concocted a new after-school snack for the boys.

This creamy yogurt dip is the perfect marriage of easy, healthy, and delicious! Kids can scoop it up with carrots or apples or spread it on celery. Or why not spread it on graham crackers for an even yummier treat?

Kid friendly and protein packed snack

I used Yoplait’s Greek yogurt, as the main ingredient in this snack because of the high protein content. And this kid-friendly snack is a winner because you can make it ahead of time. This dip fairly demands to pair with some kind of fruit or veggie for dipping. Plus, it’s yummy!

This creamy yogurt dip is one of the most perfect healthy after school snacks for kids. Make ahead with just 2 ingredients. Kids and teens love it! AD

Creamy yogurt dip recipe

Ingredients for Creamy Yogurt Dip 

  • 1 carton Yoplait Greek 100 yogurt (any flavor)
  • 4 oz. light cream cheese

Directions For Creamy Yogurt Dip

  1. Soften cream cheese slightly (about 15-20 seconds in the microwave should do it). Mix with yogurt and enjoy.
  2. Serve with veggies or fruit for dipping.

This creamy yogurt dip is one of the most perfect healthy after school snacks for kids. Make ahead with just 2 ingredients. Kids and teens love it! AD

Bonus points to you, mom, if you use this creamy yogurt dip to make funny faces!


What ways do you have fun with your kids after school?



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