“I’ll do it later” and other things that hold you back

What little pieces are you struggling with when it comes to decluttering and organizing?

If you find yourself putting it off until later, or getting discouraged in the first place, you definitely want to watch this Q&A session with Sarah.

We covered:

  • how to be consistent with household tasks
  • how to fight the “I’ll do it later” impulse
  • how to organize personal files
  • how to not get demoralized if you see a huge mess and want to quit
  • how to dig out without making the mess bigger
  • how to motivate others to declutter and clean up

Pretty much all the little things that get us hung up when trying to declutter and organize our homes.

Watch the Video Now:

Stay motivated and organize 5 cluttered hotspots in the Organize Like a Boss Challenge.

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Watch this decluttering and organizing Q&A to learn ways to combat the "I'll do it later" thinking and make progress.


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