11 Tips for Decluttering with ADHD

Today we’re discussing why ADHD and clutter go hand in hand.

If you’re easily distracted, it can be hard to complete a decluttering project. On the other side, having extra clutter often adds to the distractions.

Use these 11 tips to cut back on distractions and make big progress on your clutter, especially if you have ADHD.

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Here are 11 tips for decluttering with ADHD.


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10 thoughts on “11 Tips for Decluttering with ADHD”

  1. Way too much chit-chat. Talking down to people as if they are children (or not very smart)…I couldn’t even get to the tips.

  2. Helpful in some ways, and I appreciate that you’re doing this out of the goodness of your heart.
    Some things that might help your ADHD audience:
    List 11 tips at front and back of video, so people can navigate quickly, or cherry pick.

    4 is a good one.

    I was lost by tip #2, so I sped up to 1.5.

    Please have more confidence – you don’t need to tell us how helpful things are so often. Either we’ll get it or we won’t.
    Hearing things more than once is hard for my people!
    We’ll catch it next time if we can’t absorb it this time.

    I don’t know what happened from 6 to 9.

    Or 10.

    11’s not a bad idea, but we can look right at it and not see it.

    thanks for doing what you do

    • You know that you can stop and get back to the video, do it in little chunks just like tip 1, don’t you?
      I agree with you, though, that the presentation could have been better. The intro was too long and repetitive. And visual cues for each tip would have been good (e.g. one of those little cards held up for each one if she didn’t want to bother with technology).

  3. Hello Sarah, thanks so much for your video. I have A.D.D., fibro, +chronic health issues and your #11 tips are inspiring me to get started tomorrow, as it’s 1:12 am here in the UK. I’m planning on decluttering my bedrm + giving myself a minimum of a week to get it finished +1 week per room in my house. Tomorrow I’ll make my bed + use that as a sorting place, + I’ll (a sketch on paper) divide my rm into 7 sects/areas + label the areas.
    I’ll work my way (1 way🔂 from the door around my bedrm).1 area in my bedrm per day ,per 10mins/ with a timer, music like you suggested 😊.
    Sorry Sarah for the long comment, but I wanted in a way to tell you – as I don’t have any way of getting a buddy to feel accountable.So thanks again for your time, support and great videos 😊. regards Tara xx

  4. You have some good tips there. People should be aware though, that music can be a distraction, too. And keeping track can be as well if you get too detailed. I’d never get anywhere if I counted all the items I decluttered. I usually do take pictures of those that are not trash, though, in the process of giving them away. As a side effect, I’m able to look back through the pictures on my iPad later to see what I have accomplished.

  5. Too much talk. What about fluff? What is that? The best thing I have learned from you is the 10 minute rule with the timer. Thank you for all you do in your job!

  6. Yikes! 😱 Some of these comments are brutal. I REALLY appreciate all you do. I can’t pay for your club but you give us so freely of your time & talent! Thanks Sarah!


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