Quick tips for decluttering with ADHD

Do you have ADHD and find decluttering your home next to impossible?

Sarah recently chatted with two of our network coaches, Julie and Danie, all about this very issue.

Watch this call to learn:

  • why decluttering is so darn hard if you have ADHD
  • what people with ADHD typically do that makes decluttering harder
  • top strategies to use when decluttering with ADHD

Watch the Video Now:

Connect with our coaches for extra help with decluttering with ADHD:


quick tips for decluttering with ADHD from our network decluttering coaches


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2 thoughts on “Quick tips for decluttering with ADHD”

  1. Please let Danie know that I, too, had the ADD diagnosis later in my life/career (48?) and am grateful for your call here.

  2. This was so good! I could relate so well to both ladies. I was diagnosed with ADHD (ADD) last year at the age of 44. A lot of insight in this interview. Thanks for sharing!


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