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polly bennett 10k success story

"The one thing that helps me stay committed and follow through is to pay for something. I appreciate the extraordinary value of the products and offerings you give. It is a professional service you provide. It's totally worth every dime I have paid. If someone wants to get serious about their decluttering, they could hire someone to come in at great cost, or they could sign up for your program and put in the time and commitment to learn to live in a new way. You have created something of value that is unique."


Step-by-Step Decluttering

step-by-step decluttering print book

Step-by-Step Decluttering is the perfect first step to getting started with decluttering on your own.

Learn how to declutter your home in bite-sized, manageable tasks – so that you never fall behind or feel overwhelmed in the process.

It’s available as both a FREE print book (yes, just pay shipping!) and in a digital workshop version.

The Step-by-Step Decluttering results speak for themselves!

“Love the simple, no pressure approach to decluttering! Been decluttering little by little over the course of a year and am so much happier. I can do it how and when I want without worrying about being perfect. it’s also saved me money because I no longer lose things in the clutter that I end up re-buying. Thank you!!”

Stephanie Fox

Organize My Home Membership


Organize My Home Membership is the simple system that gets your home decluttered and organized efficiently, guaranteed…

…Even if you’re feeling completely overwhelmed!

We open the doors to this private membership a few times a year, so get on the waitlist!

See what Organize My Home members achieve!

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